Press Release: Wainhouse Research partners with Publish Interactive to launch a new interactive SaaS publishing platform

Wainhouse Research, an independent analyst firm for the unified communications and collaboration market, has forged a partnership with Publish Interactive, a SaaS developer for the research sector, to launch a new publishing platform.

The new site, which is a subdomain of, enables Wainhouse to use Publish Interactive’s unique research industry publishing platform to engage customers with a seamless user experience, interactive content, and a suite of smart workflow tools.

Following a successful beta test in late 2018, Wainhouse began migrating subscribers from its old platform onto the Publish Interactive-powered smart platform in February 2019.

“Adopting Publish Interactive to power our new publish portal has completely transformed the way we produce content,”

said Bill Haskins, Senior Analyst and Partner, Wainhouse Research.

“Every single attribute of the Publish Interactive experience is an improvement on what we were previously doing. Having a fulltime support and develop team now available is also huge for us.”

Wainhouse will use Publish Interactive’s unique content management and delivery platform to publish around 100 industry reports and up to 20 industry briefs each year as interactive content. The firms will also make available a back catalogue of PDF content.

 “Because Publish Interactive is a SaaS platform, Wainhouse Research will benefit from a content management and publishing platform that’s in continual development,”

added Emma Forber, Director of Client Services with Publish Interactive.

“Thanks to our product development and support teams, Wainhouse Research can rely on a solution that’s regularly updated. This ensures both its customers and analysts can make use of simple, intuitive and useful tools that enhance their experiences and improve the effectiveness of their daily workflows.”

About Publish Interactive

Publish Interactive is a leading developer of serviced software for the research sector. It has been supplying its industry-leading content management and publishing platform to research businesses for more than 15 years.

About Wainhouse Research

Wainhouse Research is an independent analyst firm for the unified communications and collaboration market. The company acts as a trusted advisor providing strategic advice and direction for both the UC&C industry and its enterprise users.


Mitali Mookerjee
Managing Director, Publish Interactive
Phone: +44 (0)113 457 0123

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