Version 6.21 enhancements: easier images, numbered lists, custom banners.

  • January 5th, 2017

Publish Interactive has made a series of updates to the iReports publishing system. As we’re not that far from the big enhancement made in Version 6.20, the changes to hit staging sites in Version 6.21 are generally smaller, but useful nonetheless:


Instead of numbered lists being turned into bullet point list during the upload process, iReports will now retain the number and place each point on a new line in the report.


To make it easier to change the images that appear around your site, we’ve introduced self-service image hosting. You can now upload images directly to your site and then make the appropriate HTML changes to pull those images into relevant spaces.


It’s now possible to have a different homepage banner image for each different account. Simply use the image upload process mentioned above and reference appropriate images in the HTML.

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