How Futuresource Consulting offers content licences tailored to a client’s specific needs

After using an adapted off-the-shelf content platform for almost a decade, Futuresource’s requirements had outgrown its capability and the technology was no longer fit for purpose.

Futuresource Consulting is a specialist research and consulting firm serving the consumer and business technology industries. It provides research, industry tracking and benchmarking through quarterly, bi-yearly and annual reports.

Content packages

With its existing system, Futuresource Consulting was unable to offer licenses tailored to client’s specific requirements. It lacked the ability to control access in the way it needed and it was only able to provide broad licenses to large swathes of its portfolio.

Futuresource Consulting wanted to create unique content packages that more accurately matched the individual requirements of its customers. It needed a new content system to enhance the flexibility of its operations. It also needed to enhance access to the 900 reports in its back catalogue and as many as 400 reports it publishes each year for its 3,500 users.

“Our system was nearly ten years old. The look and feel wasn’t great, there was no visibility over content and user management and, critically, it was difficult to change licenses,” said James Edwards, Marketing Executive with Futuresource Consulting.

Smarter licensing

With Publish Interactive now powering its new content management and delivery platform, Futuresource Consulting is able to create tailored licensing agreements. It’s also able to enhance its user experience with Publish Interactive’s advanced search options enabling users to find information from their licensed content more quickly and easily.

“We’re unique in the way we deliver products. We don’t sell the same package twice, so the fit with Publish Interactive was perfect,” added James.

“It’s a huge benefit now that users can search easily for content based on title and keywords, and the flexible its offers, in terms of providing the ability to create different unique access rights, is game-changing.”

Now, instead of providing access to too much content in each subscription, Futuresource Consulting is able to offer clients specific licenses. This flexibility means Futuresource Consulting can offer everything from just a single report chapter all the way up to a whole year’s worth of its content.

Extra gains

By making use of Publish Interactive’s cutting-edge content management and publication system, Futuresource Consulting has also been able to establish much-needed productivity gains.

Not only does visibility over user behaviour now enhance feedback on potential sales leads, the company also benefits from much quicker content uploads and speedier licencing and account testing for new users.

Future functionality

“In the near future, we’re looking at using marketing functionality to help us promote reports more creatively, we’ll also look at implementing interactive reports and the data downloads functions within the platform,” added James.

With up to 40% of its business coming from firms based in Asia, Futuresource Consulting also sees the Publish Interactive’s translation function as a key future selling point.

“Translation will be important to us and we hope to look at adding that in the next 12 months,” James added.


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How flexible licencing helps research firms evolve their commercial models

For many established research businesses success came through selling reports one copy at a time – but for these business to succeed in the digital age this traditional relationship with the customer needs to change.

Developments in digital technology have had two fundamental effects on the research business: they have altered the way information can be delivered and, perhaps more importantly, they have shifted way the customer wants to engage with that information.

Those two changes are significant. Research firms of today, who want to be leaders tomorrow, are adapting the way they do business to suit the new situation.

How are they changing?

The leading research firms of the future will be those that adopt a business model that focuses on delivery and meeting the changing expectations of the customer. This means adopting a flexible sales model based around a single piece of publishing software that helps fulfil both.

Developing account journeys

What various customer groups want is flexibility, but what the publisher wants is certainty. These two aren’t mutually exclusive – and good publishing technology should offer new and potential customers several routes into the business.

Alongside a host of other functionality, this technology should help all those different customers start their engagement with a publisher’s content in a way that suits them best. So, it should manage subscriptions, but it should also allow publishers to give content away for free, perhaps on a trial basis, and also allow transactional sales too.

It might be best to think of these different ways of putting people in touch with content as a range of starting points that all lead to the same sales journey. They are simply different ways for the publisher to gather some customer information and to begin growing the relationship.

For these multiple entry points into business to work, a publisher will need a flexible approach…

Targeted packages

Flexible licencing is the ability to tailor packages of content to suit different customer groups and manage the access rights around those packages – so, for example, how long is access available? Which people can view what content?

As all customers are different and flexibility means different things to different groups. It might be, for instance, that a free trial or single transactional sale might be the point at which a publisher starts a relationship that actions sales and marketing around a limited package of related content.

Once customers are into that ‘account journey’ process, publishers can then develop the relationship, build a unique offering for the customer, sell them further packages and access, and move them to the point where a full subscription is both necessary and vital.

Not just all you can eat

Smart subscription software should have the flexibility for the publisher to accurately tailor access to group level and even to the level of an individual user.

A smart content offering shouldn’t be a choice between simply blocking access entirely, or offering access to a whole portfolio, it should be a developing relationship where the volume and period over which content access is granted can be changed to suit the needs of the customer.

Upgrades and multiple users

Once a publisher has established a relationship with an individual it becomes easier to find out what else they, and their employer, may need in terms of information. The crucial thing is to establish the relationship in the first place, and then build in it.

Often, this individual will act as your advocate to help you win greater trust and increase the number of subscriptions coming from their organisation.

Once this kind of relationship has been established, this is when the quality of your subscription software can really start to make a difference and help develop a lasting partnership with this client business.

Good software should allow you to offer upgrades to related content categories, create targeted packages of content specifically to meet a certain budget, and to add and remove users at the touch of a button.

Those two changes are significant. Research firms of today, who want to be leaders tomorrow, are adapting the way they do business to suit the new situation.


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How Publish Interactive improved client satisfaction for a business strategy and analysis firm

Business strategy and IT analysis firm Enterprise Strategy Group needed a way to make it quick and easy for its clients to use and explore the data it produced – and most importantly, it needed a way for clients to make data actionable without consuming a large chunk of the working day.

In this video the client explains how use of Publish Interactive’s content delivery software improved client satisfaction by turning previously time-consuming research sessions into information that could be gathered at the touch of a button.

“Our clients easily see the same benefits in the platform that we do,” says the client. “What they love about the platform is that, at 11 O’clock at night, if they need a data point for an important meeting in the morning, they don’t have to rely on ESG for that data. They have the platform, they can find the data, download it, and insert it into their presentation in under thirty seconds.”

Visit the Enterprise Strategy Group Interactive Research Portal powered by Publish Interactive.


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