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Peer Group Panels & Training

Peer Panels

Benefit from talking to and hearing from other users of Publish Interactive.  We run regular peer panels in which customers share practical, non-confidential information about their working practices. This gives all concerned a great opportunity to express opinions on the platform.

Proposed Peer Panels

Editorial workflow
This session is a must for those in authoring, editorial and production. Subjects to be covered, but are not limited to, include in-platform authoring, workflow, copy-approval and archiving. Join and tell us how the platform works for you.

Analytics & Metrics
Tell us how you use data about your content use and subscriber interactions? Which features of the Analytics function are useful and why? This session is important for anyone involved in understanding the performance of your business.

Managing subscribers
Ensuring your subscribers are getting the best experience and you are maximising revenue opportunities is at the heart of any publishing business. This session, is a must for those in customer facing roles and will give you the opportunity to tell us about how you administrate subscribers, use the licensing and upsell / cross-sell tools.

Delivering data
Do you want to deliver your proprietary data to customers in a more interactive manner?
This session is designed for publishers who deliver data to customers in any format. Tell us about the challenges you face and what your subscribers are demanding.


Need help with a feature? New staff needing help or just a refresher? We run regular free training sessions so customers get the most out of the platform with live Q&A.

These 30-minute sessions will be led by one of our software experts and are limited to 5 participants to ensure all questions can be dealt with.

Suggested Training Sessions

Advanced licensing functions
Learn how to license your content at various levels (i.e. product / category) or use time expiry to drive subscriber trials.

Publishing using PowerPoint
Discover how the SlideViewer function allows content generated in PowerPoint to become an interactive online experience with support for data delivery.

Secure self-serve for sales
Find out how sales and customer support roles can use the platform to help drive new business or help customers by self-serving content queries while keeping content secure.

One-to-one / customised training
If you would like a customised training session for your team ask your account manager.
(charges may apply)

If you would like to be involved with customer peer panels or training sessions please book a time with your account manager.

We can also provide on-demand one-to-one training for you and your team.

Publish Interactive Roadmap

We constantly strive to improve our software to meet customer demands.


The development roadmap illustrates our proposed development journey. This is a constant process, and the roadmap is updated three times a year.

Last updated: 24 April 2021


Ideas we’re actively exploring
(30% will be built)


Personalised reading lists

Help subscribers identify and find content relevant to their role and tasks by allowing publisher admins to curate content in a personalised list.


Simple ecommerce integration

Help publishers to gain leads and improve lead-to-customer conversion rates through having a plug-and-play ecommerce integration with the Publish Interactive content delivery platform.


Auto population of publication metadata fields

Use machine learning technology to enable the identification of publication metadata in PDF documents, such as title, sub-title, author, page length and date etc. Extract this information and populate product marketing page fields automatically.

For volume publishers, this will create efficiencies in backend production workflows, bypassing the need to manually enter metadata or use bulk csv/xml uploads to list new publications.


Automatically identify data exhibits in PDFs

A machine learning model to enable the identification of data exhibits (such as graphs and bar / pie charts) in PDF documents.

This will enable content users to easily browse data exhibits available in PDFs and help subscribers find supporting market data for their business tasks.

This could also help content producers to slim-down production workflows by reducing the number of formats required or simplifying content tagging whilst ensuring that subscribers get  maximum value from content.


Video transcriptions in search results

Enable transcripts from video content to be included into search results so audio/visual content can be quickly identified.


Ideas that made it to the design phase
(60% will be built)


Identify tables in PDFs using machine learning technology

Enable users to quickly identify tabular data in PDF documents. This will help subscribers with finding supporting data for their business cases or to answer questions.

This will also allow content producers to simplify production workflows  by reducing the number of formats required to ensure that subscribers get  maximum value from content.


Improved support for podcasts

Help publishers drive more subscriber engagement by offering audio content. Develop the facility to enable users to be able to find and listen to podcasts they are licensed to.


Simplify integrations with CRM platforms

Make it easier and quicker to integrate with 3rd party CRM systems such as Hubspot, Pipedrive & Salesforce. This will give publishers tools to build better relationships with their subscribers.


Features being actively developed
(They will be live soon!)


Easier to browse unlicensed content

Make it easier, through improved UX design, for subscribers to navigate between licensed reports and those they do not have access to and may choose to buy.
This will help marketeers upsell reports on the search results page.


Custom content for mobile access

Ability to customise the mobile version of the site with a configurable panel.
This will allow publishers to promote content to subscribers using mobile to access content.


Only serve licensed content on home and landing pages

Allows publishers to configure customisable widgets on their homepage and any category landing pages that only shows categories with content licensed to the subscriber.


More streamlined delivery of video content

In response to an increased demand for video content that helps engage subscribers, this feature will allow publishers to deliver in-platform video to licensed users. Example use cases could include analysts recording a short video summarising the key findings of a new report or including webinars as part of the subscription.


Data Visualisation

To allow licensed subscribers to access data and easily query and visualise through an integration with Microsoft PowerBI. Subscriber users will benefit from the ability to interrogate data for their own tasks which helps increase engagement with the publisher’s content & data.


Move architecture into AWS

An ongoing programme to improve our SLAs for customers. We are moving move the web apps and databases to Amazon Web Services for greater performance, security and scalability.

Recently Launched

Here are the key improvements and new features we have recently delivered.

Domain Registration

Status: Live
No action required to activate this feature

Make it easier for subscribers to access their account.
Users can now log-in to an account using a trusted domain instead of requiring a single-use access code.
Find out about domain-based registration feature

Single Sign-On (& Okta)

Status: Live
Speak to your account manager to enable this feature

Make it easy to enable single sign-on (SSO) for specific client accounts. Now its possible to connect Publish Interactive with leading identity and access management providers Okta and Azure Active Directory without the need for custom development work.

Popular Content

Status: Upgrade Today
Speak to your account manager for more information.

Can highlight popular reports on the homepage and category landing pages.
This allows publishers to promote topics of interest to subscribers so they will discover and read more relevant content.