Version 7.9 launches with loads of analyst updates

Version 7.9 of iReports is about to be released to staging sites with a series of updates and enhancements all of which relate to making it easier to display and find information about analysts.

Analyst landing pages

We have added the ability to create landing pages for analysts who author – or contribute to – a report. Landing pages can display the analyst’s name, job title, sector, photo, and a biography alongside listing all the content to which they have contributed.

To establish an analyst landing page, enter their details in the relevant part of the Analysts section of the Admin area.

Add an analyst to a report

To associate an analyst with a piece of content couldn’t be easier. When editing, go to the relevant field that allows you to add an analyst from your list and make your selection. Their name will be added, and this will link back to their landing page. You can add more than one.

Search by analyst

Users can now search for a specific analyst by entering their name in the search bar. What’s more, if they’re listed, their name will appear as an auto-complete option as the user types.

External landing pages

We also made it possible to link out to an external analyst landing page. Set a template, create URL for each of the analysts, then enter that link information when editing a piece of content.

Search filter option

We’ve also created an option where ‘Analyst’ can be added as a search filter in the left-hand navigation. If you’ve like to add ‘Analyst’ as a search filter to your content, get in touch with us…

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