Version 7.6 launches with a new API, better search, and link tracking

Version 7.6 of iReports is about to be released to staging sites with four significant enhancements – and they are:

Tracking links

It’s now possible to track inbound links to pages within your iReports site. Simply create a unique code to add to the end of the url they wish to track.

The code to edit, then to add to a url is:



This is a great new way to find out which sources are bringing traffic to your content. There is no limit on the number of unique codes that can be created; so, when a publisher exports lists of content and/or account usage, all the unique inbound urls they have fashioned are logged and can be analysed.

New features preview

To make it easier for you to find and try new iReports features, we have moved the New Features Preview section to a more prominent location.

It is now accessed from the Admin area – either under Global Preferences or from an individual Accounts area. Simply go to the section, click into one of the features listed, then select whether apply this preview to all accounts or just a select few.

Search enhancement

To improve the quality of the results returned to your users, we have made a small but important tweak. Now, when a customer searches using the word ‘and’, they will be returned a much richer and more detailed set of results.

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