Version 7.4 launches with new partial rollout feature for testing

Version 7.4 of iReports is about to be released to staging sites with a handful of changes, but for this release we’ve altered the way we’re introducing a few of the enhancements to allow you to experiment a little.

Behind ‘account preferences’

Three new developments have been added, but behind ‘account preferences’ to let you try these new bits out on just a handful of accounts before implementing more widely.

We’ve done this to allow you to compare the effectiveness of these changes with the existing approach, and in the hope that you may feedback your thoughts and findings so that we can refine what we have produced and get it working just the way you want it prior to full release.

It’s worth noting that, if you just want to apply these changes across the board to all accounts, you can do that – it’s not mandatory for you to only try them out on a select few – anyway, what enhancements are we talking about? It’s probably time to explain…

Search ‘exact phrase’

The first new feature is around search. We’ve added two new buttons into the left-hand search navigation to let users either search for an ‘exact phrase’ or ‘any of the words’. This helps users perform searches for specific phrases or report titles, or find reports that have any of the words they have searched for.

Figures and tables filters moved

To make it quicker and easier for users to filter results to either see all content, just the figures, or just tables that relate to a search term, we have moved these buttons out of the left-hand search navigation. Now, once a term has been entered and the search undertaken, users can use the new tabs located just above the results in the centre column to hop quickly between filtered results

Inline thumbnails

There is also a further change when filtering by figures or tables. Now, results will be displayed with inline thumbnail images. Not only will this make the user-experience just that little bit more pleasurable, it will help users find the content they need more quickly and easily. They can even hover the curser over a thumbnail and click to see a full-size preview.

Adding new users

This is the one enhancement in the 7.4 release that isn’t alterable under account preferences. That’s because it isn’t a user function, but a change to improve backend administration for the publisher.

Now, when an admin has added a new user into the system, they will be given the option to ‘save and add another’. Also, once they have added a user and are looking at the summary page, they will now have the option to ‘add another user’.

This change has been made to cut out lots of meaningless clicks for that moment when an admin has a group of new users to add, but not enough to warrant a bulk import.

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