Version 7.3 launches with variable search alerts – and much more!

Version 7.3 of iReports is just about to be released to staging sites and with it comes four great enhancements…

Search alerts

It’s now possible for users to specify whether they want to receive alerts about their saved searches on a daily or weekly basis.

Once a user has conducted a search, they simply press the ‘Save this Search’ button and choose between weekly and daily alerts. An email will then be automatically triggered once a new piece of content matching their search criteria becomes available.

Welcome emails

To make life just a little bit easier for site administrators, it’s now possible delay or resend a welcome email to a new site user. So, if the user accidently deletes the email, it goes into junk, or if an admin just needs to wait a little while before sending, the administrator can now choose to re-send the log-in credentials.

Categories API

It is now possible for publishers to manage their iReports content categories using an external piece of software. Thanks to our new category API, publishers can add, edit, or delete categories without having to go into iReports to perform those tasks.

Notifications API

It’s now possible for iReports to send a notification to an external software system about an event that has occurred on the publishing platform. If, for instance, a user lands on a certain page, iReports can now send an outbound message to an external system (like a CRM or analytics software) to say this has happened.

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