Version 7.19: Five enhancements to help workflow, mobile usages, and content sharing

Version 7.19 is about to launch with five new enhancements designed to help our publishing partners improve internal workflows and the wider services they offer customers.

So, what are the changes we have for you this month?

Briefings – now even more shareable                  

Briefings were launched in Version 7.16 as concise pieces of content that deliver quick analysis and commentary on fast-moving markets or events. We’ve now made it easier to share them via email.

Publishers now have the option of adding a ‘Send this briefing to someone’ button at the bottom of the page. This function is enabled in the Advanced Preferences section of the Admin area.

‘Buy it now’ supported on mobile

To enhance usability for those accessing content via a mobile device, we’ve extended the ‘Buy it now’ feature to work on smartphones and tablets. Now, mobile users will be able to reach for content outside of their existing libraries.

Report list redesign (preview)

We’ve created a preview redesign of the report list for publishers to test. The previewed version adds a ‘Status’ column to the report list and allows filtering by status to aid editing. The feature can be turned on and off in the Advanced Preferences section of the Admin area.

Chain of custody added

To provide publishers with information about who edited a report, and on which date, we have added a ‘chain of custody’ to the bottom of the content information page. If you would like to trial this feature, please contact us.

Scheduling publication times and dates

We added a feature last month in Beta that lets editors set preferred times and dates for publication. This has now been fully launched, albeit with a couple of neat enhancements.

Analysts now have the added option to ‘request a review’ from an editor who can then publish directly or request a review of their own. Editors can also change the status of the report to ‘normal’, ‘preview’, ‘private’, or ‘archive’. The third change is how a time and date picker now pops-up when an editor selects to ‘publish later’.

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