Version 7.18: Four great new workflow enhancements to launch in beta

Version 7.18 is about to launch with four great new features designed specifically to help our publishing partners improve internal workflows.

As each of the four has been launched in beta, publishers interested in trialling them should contact us about adding the features to their staging sites.

So, what are these great new beta features we have for you this month?

New report editing statuses

To improve efficiency as content is progressed through production towards publication, we have added four new status options to more accurately outline the status of each piece of content.

Individual documents can now be tagged as ‘New’, ‘Pending Review’, ‘In Review’, and ‘Approved’ in the Reports section. The new column means analysts and editors can, at a glance, understand the status of individual pieces and know which require their attention.

New ‘Analyst’ role

To make creating new content even easier, we’ve added a new role. Admins can now assign users as an ‘Analyst’. This designation allows ‘Analysts’ just to create new reports and upload content. From here, Editors will be able to pick up the content, tweak, and suggest amendments for Analysts to make.

To ensure Editors maintain necessary quality controls, once the feature moves out of beta to a full release, Analysts won’t be able to create or publish Interactive Reports. They will only be able to create basic documents.

Setting publication times and dates

Once an Editor has approved content, they now have the option to set a preferred time and date for publication. We’ve added this feature to allow publishers to deploy content more strategically.

Auto Report Code generation

For publishers that don’t need to follow a particular Report Code sequence or format, we have added an option to automatically generate a Report Code. When Editors or Analysts create a new report, they can now add a Report Code or tick a box to ‘Create Code For Me’.

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