Version 7.17: new report covers, search and header enhancements rolled out

Version 7.17 is about to launch with three changes intended to delight both publishers and their subscribers.

Report covers

It’s now possible to upload a report cover and have it automatically applied across a whole category. This feature enables publishers to link a series of related reports and ensure all those pieces of content that previously didn’t have covers will now benefit from having one in place.

Content that appears in more than one category will be assigned the cover uploaded first, but with the option to shift to an alternative.

New header rollout

We previously told you about an overhaul to the Header section to make it easier for users to find content, make use of it, and change account settings.

That change was optional – allowing publishers to test it out – but now we have implemented the change broadly and it will apply across all sites as a permanent feature.

Search enhancement rollout

In the same way we rolled-out the new header to all sites, the package of optional search enhancements released in Version 7.4 has also been broadly released. Following a successful test and widespread uptake, these search changes will now also be applied permanently across all sites.

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