Version 7.16: including enhancements to feedback, API, landing pages – and a new content format

Version 7.16 is about to launch with four substantial enhancements including new API documentation, a new way to provide feedback, restyled landing pages – and a brand-new content product!

Briefings – a new content format

Briefings are concise pieces of content that deliver quick analysis and commentary on fast moving markets or events. They are a way to provide key headlines and critical factors to a reader who might not have time to read an in-depth report. In essence, briefings are summary reports, often just a single page, to provide deeper insight and analysis than is available through a news report.

Within the platform, briefings are created and delivered in the same way as interactive reports. We’ve simply added a dropdown menu for publishers to select whether to create one or the other.

Feedback button added

We’ve made it easier for publishers to quickly and easily provide us with comments, suggestions, and to request support. We’ve added a feedback button to each page in the admin area. Simply tap the button, fill in your details, and submit.

Help with APIs

To make it easier to understand how and where to use our APIs, we’ve combined our explanations of how each works with a comprehensive list of all those we have built. We’ve also added use cases and examples of coding to ensure developers can make the most of these tools of interaction.

Restyled landing pages

Based on your feedback, we have restyled our report landing pages and launched the new look to all. Landing pages have been remodelled to make it easier for a reader to quickly absorb all necessary information about a report’s contents.


If this 7.16 update is due to go through to your production site – we’ll be in touch to schedule it!

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