Version 7.13: Updates to Report Landing Pages & more

The third release of 2018 is here with version 7.13 and focuses on making things simpler and clearer for the end user. We find that the quicker the user can find their desired content, the more likely they are to return to your site.

Some of the changes in our update include refreshing our report landing pages with a sleek new look, enabling users to find information more easily. We introduce PDF and Slide viewer, allowing PowerPoint files to be uploaded directly to the platform for online viewing and our Report Groupings have been improved to ensure that related content is more discoverable.

Report Landing Pages

Our report landing pages have had a spring clean! Information such as categories, tags and related content is now clearly visible on the page. Even analysts are given time to shine with this update.

PDF and Slide Viewer

We have extended our PDF Viewer tool to support the upload of PowerPoint files directly, and renamed it PDF and Slide Viewer.  Even better, files uploaded as PowerPoint’s can be downloaded directly in this format giving users more choices.

Report Groupings

Grouping reports together can encourage users to access related content that they wouldn’t usually be aware of. Grouped content is now visible on the search results page. They appear on report landing pages as Related Research.

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