Version 7.12: introducing Tags

The second month of the year brings with it 2018’s next iteration of iReports and the introduction of a wholly new feature… Tags.

We have introduced Tags to provide a more granular level of detail for both publishers and their customers. Tags make it easier for publishers to organise output and for users to find content quickly and accurately.

Unlike Categories that are used to organise content along subject lines into hierarchies, we use Tags to detail all the various elements that are mentioned in individual reports – and across a portfolio – to help users easily find related pieces of content.

How are Tags organised?

For convenience, Tags are gathered in sets created by the publisher. Grouping related tags together simply makes them easier to find. Up to five tag sets can be created across a publisher’s portfolio.

Adding Tags

A new section has been added to the Report Summary page for each individual report. When editing the page, publishers can scroll to this section and select all appropriate Tags from the pre-configured Tag Sets that will be displayed there.

Auto suggest

When users search in iReports, any related word or phrase that has been turned into a Tag will now pop up as an auto-suggest option while they type. If the user selects the auto-suggested option, they will then be able to filter their returns to just see content that has that Tag.

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