Version 6.25 enhancements: Four brand new features…

We told you, last month, about Version 6.24 changes, but this month is particularly exciting as the release of Version 6.25 will bring four new features to staging sites.

Meta data bulk imports

It’s now possible to make bulk imports of meta data. This new feature makes it easier for publishers to update existing marketing pages or create new report marketing pages. In the admin area, simply click into ‘reports’, then ‘bulk import products’ and select the Excel file to import. iReports will then flag any data fields that need attention before creating the updates and new pages automatically.

Remote access management

We have made it easier for publishers to manage remote user access. Instead of contacting us to add specific IP or email addresses of approved remote access users, we have given publishers the ability to access to their own lists and manage their own approved remote access users instead.

Welcome email

We’ve made it easier to send ‘welcome’ emails. For publishers launching on iReports, or adding new accounts, instead of sending numerous individual emails with log-in details and temporary passwords, it’s now possible to send bulk emails to everyone listed under a single, or multiple accounts.

Email templating

To make it easier for publishers to use, edit, and manage their email templates, we have given them their own dedicated section in the admin area of iReports.


If this 6.25 update is due to go through to your production site – we’ll be in touch with you to schedule it!

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