Version 6.23 enhancements: Embeddable ecommerce

In Version 6.22 we told you about two new APIs and how we’d deepened integration with Marketsight – and now we can tell you how Version 6.23 is about to hit staging sites with a way for publishers to embed their ecommerce into iReports.

How does it work?

On a report landing page, users can now be given a button to ‘Buy Now’. Pressing this will pull relevant purchasing info out of your ecommerce platform and display it as a pop-up in iReports.

The information that’s displayed is entirely up to you.

The benefit of this enhancement is a more seamless user experience. In one simple motion, users will be able to interact with two distinct websites and make report purchases, but in a way that’s convenient and friendly.

The options

Of course, how you choose to present this latest enhancement is also up to you.

You can have the new ‘Buy Now’ button linked to a pop up (as described above). Or you can have the button open the relevant purchasing page of your website in a new tab. Or, if you don’t like the sound of it, you can stick with your current method of linking users to a report purchase.

What about purchases by users who aren’t subscribers?

For those publishers who’d like guest and anonymous users to first register before being able to make a purchase, pressing the ‘Buy Now’ button can instead open a pop up containing registration fields to be filled out prior to displaying purchasing information.

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