Upgrade your iReports for full-screen mode and advanced layout editing

We’ve already told you about the enhancements we’re launching in the New Year to improve the way everyone uses and interact with iReports, but guess what? Those aren’t the only developments we’ll be rolling out!

After Christmas, we’ll also be offering our customers the chance to upgrade their technology to integrate two amazing new features – and they are:

Advanced report editing and branding

With the addition of editable layouts, a customizable colour palette, and a shift away from great big linear sections of text to a format containing more, smaller, richer capsules of content, we’ve made it easier and quicker to compile and export bespoke reports that are more brand-friendly and engaging.

Full-screen mode

Not only can we help you create better bespoke reports, we’ve also enhanced the reading experience with the addition of full-screen mode. Compile a report, switch to full screen, and flick or swipe with ease. Full-screen mode helps publishers place greater emphasis on individually rich content capsules by encouraging a more ‘slide-like’ approach to formatting and report consumption.

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