September Software Release

Our September release is about to launch with four new enhancements designed to help our publishing partners have more control over admin rights and licensing, increase visibility of product analysts, and improve search results.

So, what are the changes we have for you this month?

More control over admin rights and licensing

Admin rights are fundamental to a user’s interaction with our platform so we’ve made it easier to control whether “Report” admins are allowed to edit product properties that affect users and licenses.

Publishers now have the ability to decide if users should be allowed to create, edit and publish report content and metadata as well as including categories, news subscriptions, notes and buy it now settings.

Total number of search results

To enhance the usability of the search page, we’ve included the total number of matching products at the top of the results list.

Product analysts added to search results

To increase the visibility of analysts and their products we’ve added a global preference to display their names as hyperlinks in the search results page. Users can click on these links to trigger a filtered search and find additional products related to the analyst.

If you would like to try out this feature, please contact us.

Chain of custody

Also last month, we added a ‘Who’s worked on this’ section at the bottom of the content information page. This feature has now come out of Preview and is fully available to share across both staging and production sites.

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