November Software Release

Our November release is about to launch with improvements to session cookies and login security, automatic refresh of expired user sessions, and faster publishing for large reports.

So, what are the changes we have for you this month?

Improvements to session cookies and login security

We have made the platform more robust by tightening security around session cookies and login, ensuring HTTPS is used for all client-server communications and protecting your site’s data.

Automatic refresh of expired user sessions

Pages will now automatically refresh when the user’s session has expired. This allows all interactive pages to work seamlessly, without having to prompt the user to authenticate after 12 hours.

Faster publishing for large reports

To speed up the process of publishing large reports, attachments that are larger than 50 MB will no longer appear in search.

For further information visit the release notes in your technical documentation:

  1. Go to the Admin area
  2. In the “Technical documentation” section, click on “Release Notes”
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