iReports on your mobile!

We’ve just told you about a host of changes in Version 6.25, but if that wasn’t enough we’ve only gone and added another one – and this one really is a cracker.

We’ve launched a mobile version of iReports to staging sites!

How do I launch a preview of the mobile site?

It’s simple. From a desktop, click ‘Switch to mobile interface’ while in your staging site. Alternatively, just log into your staging site from a mobile and the page will scale automatically.

Reading on the go

The new site has been designed to make it easier for end users to access research from any location. Whether on the daily commute, or moving between meeting, users can search, filter by category or topic, then read reports on the go…

Enjoyable reading experience

The mobile site offers excellent readability. Reports scale to the device, ensuring a high-quality experience. Tables embedded into written content also scale to ensure reading is not interrupted. If, however, users want to look at a table, they can click on the element to examine it more closely.

Increased engagement opportunity

The benefit of the new site, for publishers, is how it allows users even more opportunity to engage with research reports. Users have peace of mind knowing that, wherever they are, they will be able to conduct quick research or read reports at length, thus strengthening the customer relationship.

Marketing to end users

To help publishers explain the benefits of the mobile site to their end users, we have created some materials publishers might want to use in their communications. They can be found here.

Tell us what you think

We’re keen to hear the opinions of publishers – and feedback from their users – on our new mobile site. Please feel free to get in touch and tell us what you want and need from the site at

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