Introducing Version 7.0

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Version 7.0 of iReports!

The new release number reflects the great leap forward we’re currently taking with the launch of our new mobile interface to public-facing websites.

We introduced the mobile interface to staging sites in our last release – but now we’re giving you the chance to offer the site to customers.

It’s all very exciting and we can’t wait to start developing this new aspect of iReports even further…

Of course, the move is big news, but it’s not our only development. Here are four new features for staging sites:

User bulk imports

We’ve recently made it possible for publishers to make bulk account and meta data imports. Now, to add to this growing list, it’s possible to make bulk imports of user data.

This new feature makes it easier for publishers to add a raft of new users to an account. In the admin area, publishers will find a downloadable template. Simply apply data to this template then select the Excel file to import. iReports will then flag any data fields that need attention before users are added.


To make viewing easier, iReports will now adjust its size automatically on smaller monitors. We’ll also reduced the boarders and the homepage banner to create a better reading experience.

Ask the Analyst for mobile

… And the second feature to be added to the mobile version is our Ask the Analyst function. Now, mobile users will be able to read research on their phone and then instantly get in touch with the publisher without having to do that on their laptop or on their desktop.

News feeds for mobile

To build on the mobile launch, we’re adding a host of features to the site. First off is new feeds. You’ll now be able to search, access news, and link out to external sites from the mobile version of iReports in the same way as from our desktop version…

Tell us what you think

We’re keen to hear the opinions of publishers – and feedback from their users – on our new mobile site. Please feel free to get in touch and tell us what you want and need from the site at

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