Four reasons why you’ll love iReports’ new search functionality

In the coming weeks you’ll notice a few modifications to the way iReports works as we introduce an upgrade to our search functionality.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal, does it? But trust us, we’re actually pretty excited! On the surface the changes won’t seem major, but soon searching in iReports will become a faster, smarter, and more accurate way to find market intelligence.

In fact, we’re prepared to bet on it. We think these four reasons are why you’re going to fall in love with our new search:


We’ve switched from SQL to now power search using Solr. This dedicated engine will provide faster, more consistent searches – so random slowness should disappear. It also means search can be scaled separately from your site, allowing iReports to handle high volumes and large libraries effectively, and letting you build out your digital archives with greater confidence.


Search will now allow users to dig deeper, and more quickly, with Boolean, wildcard, and fuzzy search capabilities. Improvements to multi-term search mean relevant content will be found more easily and without having to match terms perfectly. But when terms do match well, content can be enhanced in the search results to highlight a strong connection.


The accuracy of keyword search will be advanced by superior stemming and synonym handling, while phrase search will be made smarter through the use of configurable proximity settings. Publishers will also have the option to boost content in search results – allowing them to promote key reports, pieces of new research, or to prioritise relevant content.


Perhaps the most exciting element of the upgrade is how the adoption of Solr opens up a range of development possibilities and allows us to continue evolving the search function of iReports. These new features are just the beginning. Search is becoming increasingly intelligent and intuitive.

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