How to optimise B2B subscriptions for customer success and value

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Over the past ten years, subscription models have transformed. They are now less about a payment method and more about choice and convenience for the customer. Consequently, unlocking customer lifetime value is getting harder.

How do companies that want to succeed design an offer that delivers a compelling product and gives the customer great value?

Four building blocks for high-performing B2B subscriptions introduces the methodology publishers need when shifting from a ‘traditional’ subscription product to one optimised for customer loyalty.

The whitepaper, written in collaboration with Andy Burden & Steve Budd of Substribe, a B2B subscription consultancy, introduces the four building blocks that B2B media or services companies must follow to unlock customer lifetime value.

When B2B services help customers do their jobs better, the foundations are set for a healthy subscription business.

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The journey to high-performing subscriptions

The transition to customer obsession

Where are you on the journey?

The drivers of success

Getting the right balance

The four building blocks

1: Purposeful organisation

2: Customer obsession

3: Value-based pricing

4: Time to value

Grow your capabilities for success


Figure 1: The differences between Traditional vs High Performing Subscriptions
Figure 2: The challenging subscription economy
Figure 3: Example capabilities scorecard

Four Building Blocks for High-Performing B2B Subscriptions - whitepaper
This whitepaper introduces the four building blocks to unlocking lifetime customer value.