LEEDS, UK – Today, publishing technology company, Publish Interactive announces the launch of a new function within its software-as-a-service which allows PowerPoint content to be delivered online with an interactive experience.

The new feature, called SlideViewer, enhances publishers’ ability to deliver PowerPoint presentations and reports to their subscribers in a secure and interactive platform.

“SlideViewer has a couple of really exciting features that we believe are unique,” said Product Owner, Mark Chadwick. “One is the ability to identify figures and tables within a search across multiple files; the other, is to allow end-users and analysts to access the raw data behind the table or figure by exporting to a spreadsheet.”

End-users will benefit from a better onscreen experience which will reduce the need to download whole files for reading.

Edwin Bailey, Director of Strategy, commenting on the launch said: “Until recently high-value business information publishers have mostly been using Microsoft Word to author research, but we have seen an increase in publishers using PowerPoint as their primary authoring application. We have responded to this change by developing SlideViewer which allows analysts to present their work in an interactive format.”

SlideViewer: makes PowerPoints interactive

SlideViewer offers two key benefits to publishers of high-value content. Firstly, the ability to quickly deliver highly visual content without any change to existing authoring workflows. Secondly, publishers can now see reader usage and engagement which will help them better understand how content is performing.

The development of SlideViewer took five months and represents another success for the Leeds-based company which already holds three patents in the field of online content delivery. “We invest a considerable proportion of our revenue in R&D projects to ensure our service is innovative and stays ahead of the competition,” added Edwin Bailey.

Publishers of high-value research who are looking for an easier way to securely distribute their PowerPoint form content can request a no-obligation demonstration by visiting https://publishinteractive.com/bookademo/