CCS Insight, a global technology sector research firm, has partnered with Content Catalyst, a SaaS developer for the research sector, to launch a state-of-the-art interactive platform for subscribers using their flagship content delivery platform, Publish Interactive.

CCS Insight is using the Publish Interactive content management and delivery platform to aid highly productive content creation and to deepen its engagement customers. CCS Insight can now take advantage of the Publish Interactive platform to enable:

  • Quick and easy content upload, publication and editing
  • A new and intuitive user experience
  • Research content interactivity
  • Access to a rich content portfolio
  • High-quality search for content discovery
  • A suite of smart workflow tools
  • Export to multiple formats (including Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Users to create and export their own bespoke reports from content clippings

“Partnering with Content Catalyst has enabled CCS Insight to provide users with the control they need to make better use of our research,” said Robert Caunt, Director of Publishing, CCS Insight.

“The platform is designed to meet many of our needs, and it’s quicker and better than our previous system. Search is clear, intuitive and accurate. It can translate content and allows users to copy to a clipboard and create their own reports.

“The platform also helps us create new content easily by converting Word documents into interactive content in a quick and intelligent way, while still supporting our PDF back catalogue.

“We can also find out how, why and what content people are using — and what they’re not using. We can track failed searches and find out what people want, that we don’t yet provide.”

Edwin Bailey, Director of Marketing with Content Catalyst, added: “Publish Interactive’s intuitive search, workflow tools and organization of content in the platform enables CCS Insight to help its customers to save time and effort as they search for business intelligence and really maximise the value of their subscriptions.”

About CCS Insight
CCS Insight provides market information, analysis and intelligence for companies in the technology sector around the world. Its research covers artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, smart cities and homes, 5G, the digital workplace, new consumer devices, networks and the activity of technology businesses. Its research and advice help clients make sense of the connected world.