Any analyst who has ever been tasked with putting together a report on the market in which their business operates understands the pain and frustration that goes with gathering the relevant data and trying to make sense of it.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the main headaches that await:

Formatting hell

Some content is online, some in PDF, some have been emailed to them by a colleague, and the rest is printed and is spread across their desk. Turning this mix of formats into a useable PowerPoint is going to be one tricky and time-consuming task.

Can you trust your sources?

Given the limited window the analyst has in which to turn this mess into gold, checking the veracity of the data sourcing isn’t a realistic option. They cut and go; but do they really want to be the person who serves up wonky assumptions based on flawed information?

When tables aren’t enough

If it wasn’t bad enough having to reformat everything into a usable PowerPoint presentation or a report drafted in Word, what happens when none of the tables the analyst wanted to use will do?

A big list of data points just isn’t exciting – and the analysts know it! So, they go through, edit the data to make it suitable for their needs, then export this to another tool to create charts that make the information come to life.

Where did all my time go?

We can tell the analyst exactly where… instead of reflecting on their findings, looking for alternative sources, or consulting with colleagues about the data on which they’re relying, what time they had was spent reforming their material into something usable. The analyst is a high-educated, valuable resource – so why do they spend so much time cutting, pasting, and copying out tables of data?

And the solution?

The solution is for the analyst to take critical research from a provider who uses a smart content platform.

So, that’s all the content they’ll need in one easily searchable place, in usable formats they can export into Word and PowerPoint in a single click, where they know all the sourcing is reliable, and where they can interrogate sets of raw data turn them into eye-catching exhibits in just seconds.

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