Business strategy and IT analysis firm Enterprise Strategy Group needed a way to make it quick and easy for its clients to use and explore the data it produced – and most importantly, it needed a way for clients to make data actionable without consuming a large chunk of the working day.

In this video the client explains how use of Publish Interactive’s content delivery software improved client satisfaction by turning previously time-consuming research sessions into information that could be gathered at the touch of a button.

“Our clients easily see the same benefits in the platform that we do,” says the client. “What they love about the platform is that, at 11 O’clock at night, if they need a data point for an important meeting in the morning, they don’t have to rely on ESG for that data. They have the platform, they can find the data, download it, and insert it into their presentation in under thirty seconds.”

Visit the Enterprise Strategy Group Interactive Research Portal powered by Publish Interactive.


  • Content Management
  • Delivering Data
  • User Journey