With Publish Interactive powering its Insights Portal, TGaS was able to make its back catalogue of VHows and reports available to its customers.

TGaS Advisors is a highly-regarded benchmarking and advisory service for the pharmaceutical sector. It provides research and surveying advice through ‘VHows’ – short pieces of content that use survey data to answer questions for the benefit of business around the globe.

Advice from TGaS is much sought-after, yet before it started using Publish Interactive’s content management and publishing system, it didn’t have a repository for its highly-valuable information or a destination where customers could search through previously published content.

Data and insights were created then emailed to customers as PDFs. There was no central point where clients could search and access content. The approach relied on clients overseeing their own libraries.

Inevitably, clients would lose track of their data and insights or they would have difficulty accessing this information. TGaS saw an opportunity to add real value to its offering by supplying access to its entire knowledge base and help clients make better use of their content.

Accessing all data, all the time

With Publish Interactive powering its Insights Portal, TGaS was able to make its back catalogue of VHows and reports available to its customers.

In addition, the smart tools built into the portal means TGaS can now help customers understand the depth and variety of content they already own, maximise its value, and easily gain access to insights.

“Customers regularly use data to gain buy-in from colleagues on internal decision-making, so TGaS needed to make its content accessible around the clock,” says Tarra Maeshima, Associate Director of TGaS Advisors.

“Using the Insights Portal, our members can easily search for data they need and leverage this to help them overcome business challenges in the shortest time possible.”

“Searchability is key”

“The cornerstone of the portal is high-quality search”, says Tarra. “Whether customers discover information for themselves or TGaS accesses content on their behalf and directs them accordingly, the ability to quickly find knowledge that answers critical business questions is paramount.”

“The simple searchability of the site is key for our customers – as is the way content is organised within the system. It makes it very easy for clients to find what they need and to also find compelling, related material.”

“Using Publish Interactive, TGaS has enjoyed increased usage of its portal every year since inception. So far in 2018, overall usage has risen 39% year on year with the depth of engagement also increasing.”

“Our customers come to us with questions every time they face challenges and want to understand how other pharmaceutical companies have solved those problems.”

“Our database has thousands of these questions answered – and giving our customers the ability to search through the database using Publish Interactive speeds up the value we deliver. The online portal doesn’t replace their face-to-face interactions with our experts, but it does enhance them.”

A relationship building tool
When a client registers for portal access, Tarra offers each a demo where she sets up a Saved Search and an alert on their behalf. This, she says, encourages customers to maximise the value of access and it helps establish a high-value relationship between TGaS and the customer.

“Saved Searches and Alerts are a big deal for customer relationships,” says Tarra. “Customers only seek information when it’s necessary, so alerts are a useful way for them to stay on top of relevant information and dive into content quickly when answers are needed.”

Creating real value

The combination of alerts, the anytime, anywhere self-service access to information, and fact that the portal can be used as a common reference point during conversations with clients adds real, tangible value over the course of a client’s membership.

“The portal serves as a relationship-building tool with clients,” says Tarra. “It helps launch the relationship in the first instance, which is extremely valuable, then elevates the conversations we have with customers as we go on.”


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