Rapid advances in the treatment of Covid-19, medical supply chain constrictions, revolutionary MedTech developments… there’s a mountain of life science market information to stay updated on. Your subscribers need information on these developments and industry-defining events – and they need it from a technologically reliable and trustworthy source.

While many industries have undergone rapid change in recent years, there are arguably none that have seen such a defining and multifaceted shift as the life science industry. As we pass the two-year anniversary of the Covid pandemic, the world has witnessed the power the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and biotechnology sectors have had on every facet of human society. The pandemic placed immense pressure and reliance on all life science markets as the industry naturally took the lead in developing Covid treatments, research, and advising government bodies on public health policy.

During times of crisis and transition, markets, particularly those on the front line of a crisis, undergo rapid innovation and change. And, with change, comes increased demand for information.

To sate this demand, your life science research business needs publishing, distribution, and content creation technology that delivers highly engaging, timely insights when your subscribers need them which require minimal effort for your production and analyst teams to create.

Your life science research business can enlist the help of an experienced, market-leading research delivery platform to transform your relationship with subscribers.

Here are five ways that Publish Interactive can secure your position as the trusted authority in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, or biotechnology sectors and help your research firm develop long-standing relationships with readers by cementing your position as the leading source of industry information.

1. Extensive industry experience

Publish Interactive has extensive experience partnering with leading life science intelligence firms, including TGaS Advisors, The Science & Medicine Group (SMG), and FirstWord.

When we spoke with SMG’s Director of Business Development, Devin Holland, he described how the platform allows his team to ‘fine-tune our offering, build trust and reliability, and further reinforce our position as one of the leading research resources in the life science industry.”

Devin Holland, Director of Business Development, The Science & Medicine Group

For SMG, the Publish Interactive system drives customer growth and creates cross-selling opportunities. The platform enables the sales team to glean invaluable client insight through user analytics, allowing them to quickly transform their customer engagements into further revenue.

Devin, commenting on the impact Publish Interactive has had on SMG’s sales efforts said: “Having the usage stats to show clients the value they receive from Science and Medicine Group’s content – which is usually between four and five-fold their spend – as a resource for their work is incredibly valuable and often makes a potentially tricky sales conversation pretty easy. We are able to make data-driven arguments that buying our content is a necessary part of our clients’ budgets”.

You can watch Devin explain how his sales team at SMG used content usage data drawn from the Publish Interactive platform to grow subscription renewals, in this webinar.

2. Build trust and account-wide buy-in

If there’s one quality readers look for in life science market analysis content above all else, it’s trust. In a space as complex and specialised as the Life Science arena, positioning yourself as a trusted source of information is essential.

When you first sign a new client or account and trust is still being fostered across the organisation, content usage may initially be focused among a small set of ‘power users’, who may be members of the same department, or all have specific content requirements. Once these users become reliant on your content they will act as advocates and evangelists to help you win greater trust and promote wider usage within their business.

This is where the quality of publishing and subscription software really tells and ensures your content achieves company-wide trust and buy-in. If new users can easily access, find information, and buy new products quickly and seamlessly, usage – and dependence – will naturally increase.

3. Deliver personalised content

Specialist technology gives publishers the flexibility to serve various customer groups, each with different requirements – for instance, some of your subscribers may require analysis on the increasing digitisation of the healthcare sector, while others may need live data on pharmaceutical product supply chains. They do not want access to whole swathes of information and products that are not relevant to them or their business. In a sector as broad but also specialised as the life sciences, the need for user-specific experiences is particularly pressing.

Your subscribers need personalised, tailored content packages.

Personalisation is underpinned by flexible licensing technology, enabling publishers to manage subscriptions on a granular level and grant access to individual sections of reports or datasets. The specificity now available is transforming how publishers sell their content, revolutionising subscriber interactions with market analysis, and facilitating automated, personalised user journeys.

“Having the usage stats to show clients the value they receive from our content is incredibly valuable and makes a potentially tricky sales conversation pretty easy”

Devin Holland

Director of Business Development, The Science & Medicine Group

4. Deliver timely insights

In a market that covers the most advanced human developments, information is complex and new data is constantly on offer. Pharmaceutical markets in particular shift and evolve continually – with Publish Interactive’s Instant Insights technology, you can deliver the content your subscribers need, when they need it. Instant Insights are short-form content pieces that, when combined with Instant Access Links, allow your subscribers to frictionlessly access research content on the go.

With Instant Access Links, content can be accessed by your subscribers without the need to log in – meaning you can unlock your research library to subscribers, without compromising security.

Read how one of our life science analyst partners used this feature to transform engagement: Instant Access, Instant Results – how TGaS transformed engagement across their industry reports

5. Understand your subscribers

The most valuable aspect of adopting a powerful subscription platform is its ability to provide analysis providers with a powerful new understanding of subscriber behaviour. Understanding and clearly determining individual users’ subjects of interest is vital for future commissioning and upselling. For example, if you can see one user is only accessing data on government spending on healthcare, your account management teams can use this data to offer similar reports and perhaps suggest reports covering related, but distinct fields.

Usage analytics underpin every aspect of an intelligent publishing platform. It enables a subscription model to exist, but more importantly, it adds value to that subscription or alerts the sales team to declining renewals.

In a market as competitive and specialised as the life sciences, these insights keep you ahead of the competition.

If you would like to learn more about how the Publish Interactive platform can transform your life science research business, please get in touch today.