How Science and Medicine Group uses Publish Interactive to publish in rich formats for multiple brands

Science and Medicine Group is a leading research and advisory firm for the life science, diagnostic, healthcare, and instrumentation industries. It provides research and business information through text-based sector reports and visually-rich slide decks.

After a string of acquisitions – and as part of a rebrand – Science and Medicine Group needed to create a single repository to aid the creation, distribution, and cross-sell of its research content.

Clients across its distinct brands have varied requirements around the type of content they receive. As such, Science and Medicine Group needed a platform that could serve content in multiple formats, but with a consistent user experience.

The business also needed a platform that would allow it to implement a subscription service across the brands it had recently acquired that did not yet have one in place.

“Having a proper vehicle in place will allow us to bring all our brands to a subscription model,”

said Justin Dudash, Head of Marketing, Science and Medicine Group.

A single destination

With Publish Interactive powering its new delivery platform, Science and Medicine Group is able to serve multiple audiences through a single platform.

“We now operate eight distinct brands, with five of them publishing brands. They all have enough recognition and reputation to stand on their own,”

added Dudash.

To maintain the independence of each business, individual reports are branded according to their specific publisher. In addition, each brand has been assigned a specific landing page and category within the platform.

The landing pages act as a key destination for highlighting content to users, while brand-specific categories enable Science and Medicine Group to make it easier for users to find and access content.

Multiple formats

Different user expectations across its multiple brands means Science and Medicine Group is required to publish content in varied formats to suit these audiences.

“Our Kalorama Information brand creates and publishes content in Word, where as our other brands create and publish documents of up to 1,000 pages in PowerPoint to allow their audiences to easily absorb charts and table-rich content. Publish Interactive’s technology elegantly handles both publishing methods which enables us to offer content in the formats our distinct audiences prefer. It also provides an excellent user experience where content is easily searchable, accessible, and reusable.’


The adoption of a single destination also allows Science and Medicine Group to highlight the depth and breadth of all its brands to customers for the first time.

While searching for content, users will be shown all related material – both in and outside of their subscription. This will allow users the chance to extend their subscription and make one-off purchases of additional material.

In addition to selling brand-specific subscriptions, Science and Medicine Group can now also offer subject-specific subscriptions that cut across multiple brands.

“The move to Publish Interactive is helping us to democratize content. Our clients have access to our content, all the time. This means information can be accessed freely and not siloed to just a few key people within a client business.’

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