Everest Group extends its research content platform partnership with Publish Interactive

Publish Interactive, a SaaS developer for the research sector, has extended an agreement to provide Everest Group, a consulting and research firm that advises clients on global services, with its industry-leading content management and research publishing platform.

The new deal, which runs until June 2020, will see Publish Interactive enable Everest Group’s thousands of digital users with sophisticated search, intuitive tools, and simple access to vital research content.

The agreement, which represents an extension of an earlier two-year deal, will allow Everest Group to publish more than 300 new pieces of content every year, including its PEAK Matrix™ assessments that provide global service analysis and insights to enterprises.

The arrangement ensures Everest Group’s portfolio of more than 2,000 pieces of digital content will continue to be managed and made available to subscribers via Publish Interactive’s cloud-based, specialised content solution.

“We first sought out Publish Interactive because we knew its specialised content management and publishing solution could help organise our deep and rich portfolio of research and present the content to our members and prospective clients in a simple, engaging and user-friendly manner,” said Patricia Blair of Everest Group.

“The partnership has been extended so Everest Group can maintain a market-leading online offering at a time when demand for digital services continues to increase rapidly.”

“The research sector is digitising at a furious pace and smart businesses like Everest Group see where the opportunity for growth and future development lies,” said Emma Forber, Director of Client Services with Publish Interactive.

“Publish Interactive provides intuitive and user-friendly tools to help research providers like Everest Group serve customers better and to enable customers to find the information they need in the quickest and easiest way possible.”

To learn more about Everest Group, which is headquartered in Dallas and has offices in Gurgaon, Bangalore, London, New York, and Toronto, visit its site at www.everestgrp.com.

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