Content Catalyst launches practical handbook to help publishers choose a content delivery system

Content Catalyst launches practical handbook to help publishers choose a content delivery system

Publishers of B2B information and market analysis now have help when considering moving to a new content delivery service with the launch of a new handbook to support the decision-making process.

Choosing the right research publishing softwareA practical guide to selecting the best content platform  is designed as a practical guide to help publishers to choose a software platform to deliver content to their customers.

The guide draws on over 100 years of experience and expertise in publishing systems. The guide comprises three sections covering three stages of a buyer’s journey; Stage I: Needs & Planning, Stage II: System Specifications; and, Stage III: Supplier Selection. Additionally, there is advice from Content Catalyst team members covering sales, customer experience, marketing, administration and editorial.

Commenting on the launch, the Guide’s author Edwin Bailey, Director of Product Strategy and Marketing at Content Catalyst said: “Choosing a new software provider is a challenge for any organisation. There are multiple considerations to make around business objectives, functionality, security and cost. I hope this guide will help publishers in a robust and comprehensive evaluation of suppliers”.

The 22-page guide introduces a useful methodology called FAVER, which stands for Fit, Analysis, Value, Expectations and Resource. These five criteria are designed to help publishers structure their thoughts and ensure nothing is left to chance. There is also a handy checklist to track the progress of the decision-making process.

Mark Chadwick, Product Manager of Content Catalyst’s content delivery SaaS product Publish Interactive, said: “Picking the right solution for a publishing company is a complex process and will involve much consideration and many team members”. At Content Catalyst, we have helped hundreds of publishing professionals solve this challenge. Without being too boastful – we like to think of ourselves as experts”.

The guide is packed with useful advice from those on the sharp end of system deployment, which will help publishers:
– Better able to manage supplier identification,
– Specify the business objectives driving new system adoption,
– Consider how to manage the customer experience; and,
– Understand the resource needed to transition to a new system.

Edwin Bailey said, “By reading the guide we guarantee publishers will be much better prepared to tackle the process of finding a supplier and will be able to confidently reach a purchasing decision”.

Choosing the right research publishing software – A practical guide to selecting the best content platform can be downloaded for free.