Seamlessly integrate your business

Connect to multiple third-party systems to ensure that
Publish Interactive is at the heart of your operations

Align for richer engagement and simpler interactions

Create a
seamless brand experience

Define the depth of integration most suited to your needs

Link Publish Interactive to the tools you already use to efficiently manage your content, customers and partners.

Content Creation

Author multi-format content in your existing CMS and import into Publish Interactive


Integrating the whole publishing process


Content Delivery

Easily send content to your partners or aggregators

Login & Security

Use authentication services to manage Single-Sign-On giving customers a seamless experience


Connect with your marketing site to promote your content. Make campaigns easier with automation tools

Customer Management

Link to your CRM for a single point of truth for all customers to see licenses & usage

Data Management

Connect with your data tools for rich integrated data sources and allow subscribers to interact with your data

Disclaimer: Logos are examples of companies we have integrated with. They are not an endorsement

Integrations for your Team

Account Management


Editorial & Production

Customer Support

Example benefits of integrating with the Publish Interactive platform

  • Create a secure and seamless brand experience
  • Distribute content to third-party sites such as aggregators and portals
  • Manage customers’ licensed products from your CRM
  • Pull content in from existing content management or editorial workflow systems
  • Deliver analysis from data sources such as survey results

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) enables customers to access all your web assets without the need to establish and enter different user details for each.

Deeper Integration

Deeper integration enables users to search for content on your marketing site. Extract the content via our APIs to include in your marketing website’s native search, or search your content platform directly via API

More Information

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