How WoodMac used Publish Interactive to merge three digital experiences into a single platform

Wood Mackenzie (WoodMac) is a highly-regarded global research firm for the energy, chemical, and extractive industries. It provides data and insights to inform business decisions, with new content published daily across the group.

Demand for market intelligence from WoodMac has led to the acquisition of two related industry-knowledge businesses in the Power & Renewables sector – but this left the business managing customers across three separate content platforms with varied user experiences, structures and functionality.

‘Having three platforms was a problem…’

Thanks to a partnership with Publish Interactive, Wood Mackenzie has been able to equip its Power & Renewables division to serve its customers more efficiently and with a higher degree of user satisfaction.

“WoodMac has grown by acquisition. Since 2016, we have taken on Greentech Media and MAKE to bolster our Power & Renewables offering, but this left us with three self-service platforms.

Each has a unique structure and functionality – and that we had three platforms to run was a problem. Similar products were called different things, there was no consistency.”

said Matthew DaPrato, Product Suite Director, Power & Renewables, Wood Mackenzie.

WoodMac used Publish Interactive’s publishing and monetisation platform to merge the Power & Renewables content portfolios for WoodMac, Make, and Greentech Media. This information is now published under the WoodMac brand through a single, customer-centric web portal.

“The Publish Interactive system is intuitive, simple to use, and it has elegant features; particularly its search, which has really helped engagement, both internally and externally, It also enabled us to align our structures and add consistency across this content group.”

added Matthew

‘Lots of customers didn’t know what content we had…’

With content spread across three platforms, WoodMac was spending a significant proportion of time dealing with customer queries as customers couldn’t easily find the content they needed.

“We had lots of people not really knowing what information we had, even if they were a client of a specific portal. Now, we can organise around topics and categories, and even make some of those product-oriented.

It’s now much quicker to showcase the value of our service to clients by showing them content they didn’t know we had and enabling them to more easily find content for themselves. In the first three months of using Publish Interactive, we have seen the ‘per user’ engagement grow, which is a very encouraging sign.”

‘It allowed us to move to market quickly…’

With 365 pieces of content published in 2018, WoodMac is used to creating and releasing new Power & Renewables materials almost every day. As such, it couldn’t afford to get engaged in a long implementation of publishing technology. It needed a solution that would satisfy its customers’ needs and that could be up and running in the shortest possible time.

“Implementation was critical for us, We wanted to do it quickly, we only had a tight window… considering all the technology and stakeholders we had to engage, it was pretty quick.”

The speed of implementation allowed WoodMac to go to market quickly with its new unified brand and, in doing so, enabled its clients to engage with its Power & Renewables content in a new, user-friendly environment at the earliest possible opportunity.

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