‘It has completely transformed the way we produce content’ – how Wainhouse Research makes use of Publish Interactive

Wainhouse Research is an independent analyst firm for the unified communications and collaboration market. It provides end-to-end insight into unified communications, enterprise video, meeting room collaboration, personal & web-based collaboration, and audio-conferencing markets.

The research business produces around 100 market reports and up to 20 industry briefings each year for its subscribers. Content was made available through a custom-build publishing system.

From a user experience and technology perspective, it’s content delivery system had become dated. It was labour-intensive for analysts to create and produce reports and briefs. For the system to continue to meet the needs of its users, it would require significant investment and an increasing level of technical expertise and support.

Wainhouse decided to seek out an alternative solution that could enhance its production process and the way subscribers accessed and interacted with its research content.

Accessing expertise

Partnering with Publish Interactive enabled Wainhouse to make use of its dedicated research industry publishing platform and, critically, gain access to development and product teams that could support its provision of a leading content system.

Because Publish Interactive is a SaaS solution, Wainhouse now benefits from the use of a content management and publishing platform that’s in continual development and, therefore, regularly updated with new, customer-friendly features and functionality.

“Every single attribute of the Publish Interactive experience is an improvement on what we were previously doing,”

said Bill Haskins, Senior Analyst and Partner, Wainhouse Research.

“Having a fulltime support and development team now available is huge. Hiring a team would have been a massive requirement for us, but now we can access all the expertise we need.”

Content delivery

Finding a solution that delivers content in user-friendly ways online and on mobile devices had become a significant requirement for Wainhouse. Its old solution only supplied written reports as downloadable PDFs and wasn’t responsive to the device on which it was accessed.

“Initially, we viewed the value of our research being just the insights in our documents, but we now realise the value is both the content and how it’s distributed,”

said Haskins.

All new research from Wainhouse is now made available as interactive content, making it easy and quick for subscribers to locate research that answers their questions.

With Publish Interactive powering Wainhouse’s publishing system, users can also make use of smart workflow tools to save and share everything from a vital snippet of information to a whole chapter or report. They can then easily download and re-use information or compile their own bespoke reports in just a handful of clicks.

“The response from subscribers ranges from them telling us it’s a welcome update to glowing praise, our sales team also regularly use the platform for prospective activity.”

added Haskins.

Production efficiency

Before entering their partnership with Publish Interactive, Wainhouse published all its material as PDFs.

Not only did publishing in PDF limit Wainhouse’s ability to understand how content was consumed and restrict how subscribers could re-use information, but it also made research production unnecessarily longwinded.

“The process was very analyst intensive,” said Haskins. “We do the research, put it into Word, which was semi-templated, but required extensive formatting. We’d then convert this to PDF and upload that document for publication.”

Wainhouse’s analysts now save vast amounts of time by either authoring reports directly in Publish Interactive or uploading fully-templated Word documents. Uploads can be as simple as a single click and automatically create interactive content that’s ready for publication.

“We knew our publishing process was arcane, as individual analysts were involved in lots of surplus activity,” added Haskins. “Adopting Publish Interactive to power our new publish portal has completely transformed the way we produce content.”

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