Content delivery

Deliver interactive content to engage readers and subscribers

Interactive Docs

Turn Microsoft Word documents into fully searchable interactive content giving your subscribers a wonderful reading experience.


Deliver PDF files online in an interactive searchable format without having to convert all of your reports for web use


Present your reports with the visual benefits of PowerPoint, industry leading search, and all the workflow tools your customers will love


Allow your subscribers to find and re-use their purchased data in the security of your platform


Keep subscribers up-to-date by delivering short and frequent new insights with all the workflow tools of a full report

Streamline Your
Content Delivery

Produce research in appropriate formats and package content in multiple ways with our suite content delivery tools designed for your workflow

Boost Customer

Your customers can find and re-purpose research, removing manual or time-consuming tasks and making research actionable with our engagement tools

Improve Your
Sales & Retention

Understand what content has been viewed, used, and the value delivered to your customer, helping you with new and returning customers

The Future Market Analyst

Six ways publishing technology equips analyst teams for future success