Publish Interactive Managing Director appointed trustee of local charity

The managing director of Publish Interactive, Mitali Mookerjee, has been appointed as a trustee of a local charity that aims to turn around the lives of young people who are at risk of falling out of mainstream education.

Music and Arts Production (MAP) is a charity that helps young people who are at risk of exclusion from school by taking them out of a traditional learning environment for multiple sessions each week to teach them creative arts.

MAP has a dedicated space in an old foundry building in central Leeds where young people are taught music production, print making, painting, and other creative endeavours towards a BTEC qualification.

The uniqueness of the MAP project lies in its marriage of education and the creative economy. Although there are teachers on site, much of the coaching is carried out by professional creatives. In exchange for space in the building, and access to equipment, they give up time to show these young people how to turn a creative urge into an artwork – and perhaps even a career.

Learning from people who derive a living from the creative arts can be highly inspirational for the young people that come to MAP; that’s why we were delighted, in July this year, when Mitali was appointed to her new role as a trustee.

It’s probably time for a bit of background:

In the last few years, Publish Interactive has supported several charitable projects and it felt the time was right to once again see where it could help. To that end, Daniel (founder of Publish Interactive) and Mitali had been looking for a local charity to support.

After a serendipitous meeting with MAP founder Tom Smith, and a run of productive conversations, Daniel and Mitali thought it would be great to share some of the expertise bound up in Publish Interactive to help the charity cement its position.

Mitali’s new role as a trustee will see her take approaches used at Publish Interactive and apply them at MAP to help it secure its immediate and long-term viability.

That means getting involved in everything from sourcing and securing funding, to locating other forms of support, to helping MAP apply principles used by technology businesses to manage and measure the success to assess the impact of its own projects.

In fact, MAP is already using the Trello technology to help it track, assign, and sign off project tasks.

For any charity, it’s important to be able to assess impact – and MAP is no different. As a trustee, Mitali will also help quantify the positive effect MAP is having on the lives of young people and the local community, offer strategic advice on the organisation of internal teams, and help it explore whether the MAP model is replicable elsewhere.

Everyone at Publish Interactive is extremely excited about our involvement and we can’t wait to see where we can help take this decent and effective organisation.

If you’d like to support MAP with a donation, then follow this link to its website and scroll to the bottom of the homepage.

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