How we helped a local charity enjoy a festive meal

Engaging and participating with the local community is an essential part of being a responsible business. 

In addition to the hands-on support we have given to Music and Arts Production (MAP Charity) throughout 2017, we were also able made a generous donation so that all those working there could enjoy a festive meal together. Special thanks to our Founder, Daniel Lord, and Publish Interactive’s loyal customers for making this possible! 

Music and Arts Production is an education charity that helps disadvantaged young people in Leeds. The donation we were able to provide paid for staff and volunteers to enjoy a festive meal together and for students to enjoy a week of special lunches. 

“Thanks to Publish Interactive’s generosity, all the people that work so hard for the charity have been able to get together for the first time,” said Tom Smith, Project Director, MAP Charity.  

“We celebrated a successful 2017 helping young people in our community and looked forward to doing even more work of this kind in 2018.” 

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