Inspiring young minds: passing on our technology knowledge

Besides supplying world-leading software, one of the other things we like to do here at Publish Interactive is to get involved, on many levels, with people and organisations in our local community.

As a software business, we’re particularly keen on opportunities where we can help young people understand how they could build a career in the technology sector.

Just before Christmas it was the good fortune that I was invited into a local school to talk to two group of technology students (GCSE and Year 10 students) about both those subjects.

For the talk, I took along colleague Polly, who is a developer with Publish Interactive, as we wanted to provide students with a rounded idea of how academic studies translate into actual work. We also wanted to show how the world of technology and computing wasn’t just something for young male students to aspire towards.

Often, it’s difficult for young people to make the mental leap from classroom studies to the application of these theories in the real world. It’s tough for them to imagine that line from exam success to university or college and on through apprentices and placements to a fully-paid job.

We wanted to make this process seem as logical and straightforward as it can be. We aimed to show it is achievable and not out of reach, in the way that some might perceive it.

To that end, Polly talked about the unconventional route she took to a career in technology (Polly started with a Maths degree and slowly gravitated towards Computer Science) while I talked about our company, its ethos, and how our iReports solution fills a specific business need.

The talks must have made and impression as, earlier this year, we were contacted by the teacher who had arranged the event, as one of the students was sufficiently interested to request work experience with us.

The young man in question will be joining us for a fortnight soon after which, I have no doubt, we’ll be able to tell you more about the projects he contributed to and what he was able to get out of his time working for an upwardly-mobile technology business.

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