Introducing our latest product – SlideViewer

Why we developed the ability to publish interactive PowerPoint reports

We spend a lot (maybe too much!) time thinking about how B2B syndicated research content is published and consumed. One thing we have really noticed is how the traditional A4-style report authored in Microsoft Word is slowly being been usurped by PowerPoint. The highly visual content, in landscape form, looks great on widescreen monitors and allows publishers to present data in a more graphic format.

As a leading publishing technology company, our response to these changing publisher customer requirements was twofold: firstly, we needed to improve the landscape view, and secondly, we wanted to add ‘interactivity’ to PowerPoint reports.

Before we started development work, we had three tricky problems to solve:

  1. How could we deliver content in landscape and portrait format in the same interface whilst retaining a consistent end-user experience?
  2. How could we show meaningful previews of pages within search results so end-users have an idea of the contents of a slide?
  3. Could we develop a function for readers to identify tables and figures and extract the underlying data?


Five months after these challenges were proposed we have the solution to all three! Our new module SlideViewer showcases PowerPoint content in an easy-to-read landscape format. It also provides search across multiple reports with a great page preview option and the data within tables and figures can be extracted to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Additionally, within a page an end-user can clip sections, add notes and share with colleagues reducing the need download a report for offline reading.

A key outcome of the project is for publishers to heighten subscriber engagement with content. Metrics around this could include increased number of online reads vs. whole file downloads and an increase in content interactions within the platform.

SlideViewer’s benefits are numerous but can be summarised as:

  • Analysts can deliver their interactive PowerPoint-created content using their existing production methods
  • End users can quickly find and reuse the content they need in their own research without the need to download the whole report; and
  • Publishers can see data regarding usage which will allow them to understand the content’s value to their subscribers.

We have 16 years of experience developing interactive online experiences for research publishers. Our long-standing DocViewer provides a uniquely interactive interface for the search and consumption of longform research reports created in Word.

We know the SlideViewer module will be a hit with our publishers as they get to publish visually appealing content which is easily accessible by their users with no change to their authoring workflow.

New analytics features now available to all customers

You can now track and improve your retention rates, through the account renewals, chart, account activity scores and improved logs. These features are now available to all our customers as standard.

Understand your customers better

To help you get better insight into how your customers are using your content, the key usage stats that you can download from the system have been updated to use much clearer log names used in the activity score, so that you know exactly what your customers are doing on your site.

We are keen to continue improving this area. We’d love to hear your ideas about the functionality you need to keep renewals high.

What next?

Now that we have rolled out our latest analytics features, we are planning to make it easier for users to find and re-use content authored in Powerpoint. We are looking for clients to join our early adopter program to help shape the improvements we make. If you’re interested in being part of this exciting project, please get in touch.

Boost your renewals: Three new functions to help account managers retain customers

Here at Publish Interactive, our aim is to help research publishers improve the way they do business. Extensive customer feedback told us that publishers need new ways to help account managers to increase customer retention.

You asked, and we have delivered…

Our latest feature rollout contains three new pieces of functionality to help account managers reengage customers, assist them during subscription renewals, and measure the impact of their work through charting customers renewals year on year.

1. Understand your customer retention rate

Account Renewals

The graph displayed in the new Account Renewals page breaks down how many customers held a license in each year. It details new clients and the number of clients that renewed from the previous year.

This visualization provides a critical performance insight. It will help publishers decide where to focus their revenue improvement efforts – either in gaining new customers or on retention.

2. Identify your at-risk/disengaged customers

Activity Score

To ensure a happy customer, an account manager needs to understand the way in which they use and interact with research content. To help them achieve this, Publish Interactive’s new Activity Score function records all user actions across an account in any given period and turns this into an overall engagement score.

At a glance, account managers can see what actions are contributing to the score and quickly understand how an account has been used.

The overall score then allows account managers to quickly compare periods to see how activity has changed over time.

3. Demonstrate your value at renewal time

Improved Logs

To accurately assess the behaviour of customers, account managers need simple and clear information about their activity. That’s why Publish Interactive has overhauled its activity logging approach. Not only have four new types of activity log been added, each log definition has been recreated to make them easier to understand.

The combined use of the Activity Score and the new logs will help account managers gain a greater understanding of customers and their relationship with content.

The new functionality added to Publish Interactive will also enable account managers to prove the impact content is having on customers and, as a result, act as a vital tool in encouraging subscription renewals

Publish Interactive is keen to continue improving this area. We’d love to hear your ideas about the functionality you need to keep renewals high.

December Software Release

Our December release is about to launch with an option to preview the new Account Statistics tab, improvements to quick and advanced search help text, more accurate product export footers and better styling for product content table headers.

New Account Statistics tab (Preview)

Our new analytics section within the admin area allows Usage Analysis admins to measure engagement, identify sales leads, provide an insight into what content your users are looking for and more.

Please enable the “Preview the new Account Statistics tab” preference found within the Admin area > Accounts > Global preferences > New feature previews.

Please note that we’re planning to roll out this feature as part of our January release, so we encourage you to try it out and send us your feedback

For further information visit the release notes in your technical documentation:

  1. Go to the Admin area
  2. In the “Technical documentation” section, click on “Release Notes”

November Software Release

Our November release is about to launch with improvements to session cookies and login security, automatic refresh of expired user sessions, and faster publishing for large reports.

So, what are the changes we have for you this month?

Improvements to session cookies and login security

We have made the platform more robust by tightening security around session cookies and login, ensuring HTTPS is used for all client-server communications and protecting your site’s data.

Automatic refresh of expired user sessions

Pages will now automatically refresh when the user’s session has expired. This allows all interactive pages to work seamlessly, without having to prompt the user to authenticate after 12 hours.

Faster publishing for large reports

To speed up the process of publishing large reports, attachments that are larger than 50 MB will no longer appear in search.

For further information visit the release notes in your technical documentation:

  1. Go to the Admin area
  2. In the “Technical documentation” section, click on “Release Notes”

October Software Release

Our October release is about to launch with four new enhancements designed to help our publishing partners have more control over the order of advanced search filters, improve the usability of the reports list, manage attachments, print copies and “Buy it now” links through the API and improve the process to reset forgotten passwords.

So, what are the changes we have for you this month?

More control over the order of advanced search filters

Search filter visibility is fundamental to a user’s experience when searching for content in the platform, that’s why we’ve made it possible to determine the order in which they are shown in the “Find more products about” section of Advanced Search.

If you’d like to specify an order for the Analysts, Categories and Tags filters, please contact us.

Redesigned reports list

Last month we added the option to preview the redesigned reports list which adds colour coding and filtering to the ‘Status’ column to aid editing. This feature has now come out of Preview and is fully available across both staging and production sites.

API endpoints to manage attachments, print copies and “Buy it now” links

To improve the management of attachments and print copies we’ve added a new API endpoint to delete them when they are no longer required. Additionally, we’ve added endpoints to get and update “Buy it now” links on products.

Please visit the “HTTP API and Integration Documentation” page on your site for more details on how to utilise them.

Improved the process to reset forgotten passwords

The process to reset forgotten passwords has been simplified, allowing the user to click on a link provided in the recovery email instead of having to copy and paste the recovery code into the platform.

September Software Release

Our September release is about to launch with four new enhancements designed to help our publishing partners have more control over admin rights and licensing, increase visibility of product analysts, and improve search results.

So, what are the changes we have for you this month?

More control over admin rights and licensing

Admin rights are fundamental to a user’s interaction with our platform so we’ve made it easier to control whether “Report” admins are allowed to edit product properties that affect users and licenses.

Publishers now have the ability to decide if users should be allowed to create, edit and publish report content and metadata as well as including categories, news subscriptions, notes and buy it now settings.

Total number of search results

To enhance the usability of the search page, we’ve included the total number of matching products at the top of the results list.

Product analysts added to search results

To increase the visibility of analysts and their products we’ve added a global preference to display their names as hyperlinks in the search results page. Users can click on these links to trigger a filtered search and find additional products related to the analyst.

If you would like to try out this feature, please contact us.

Chain of custody

Also last month, we added a ‘Who’s worked on this’ section at the bottom of the content information page. This feature has now come out of Preview and is fully available to share across both staging and production sites.

Version 7.19: Five enhancements to help workflow, mobile usages, and content sharing

Version 7.19 is about to launch with five new enhancements designed to help our publishing partners improve internal workflows and the wider services they offer customers.

So, what are the changes we have for you this month?

Briefings – now even more shareable                  

Briefings were launched in Version 7.16 as concise pieces of content that deliver quick analysis and commentary on fast-moving markets or events. We’ve now made it easier to share them via email.

Publishers now have the option of adding a ‘Send this briefing to someone’ button at the bottom of the page. This function is enabled in the Advanced Preferences section of the Admin area.

‘Buy it now’ supported on mobile

To enhance usability for those accessing content via a mobile device, we’ve extended the ‘Buy it now’ feature to work on smartphones and tablets. Now, mobile users will be able to reach for content outside of their existing libraries.

Report list redesign (preview)

We’ve created a preview redesign of the report list for publishers to test. The previewed version adds a ‘Status’ column to the report list and allows filtering by status to aid editing. The feature can be turned on and off in the Advanced Preferences section of the Admin area.

Chain of custody added

To provide publishers with information about who edited a report, and on which date, we have added a ‘chain of custody’ to the bottom of the content information page. If you would like to trial this feature, please contact us.

Scheduling publication times and dates

We added a feature last month in Beta that lets editors set preferred times and dates for publication. This has now been fully launched, albeit with a couple of neat enhancements.

Analysts now have the added option to ‘request a review’ from an editor who can then publish directly or request a review of their own. Editors can also change the status of the report to ‘normal’, ‘preview’, ‘private’, or ‘archive’. The third change is how a time and date picker now pops-up when an editor selects to ‘publish later’.

Version 7.18: Four great new workflow enhancements to launch in beta

Version 7.18 is about to launch with four great new features designed specifically to help our publishing partners improve internal workflows.

As each of the four has been launched in beta, publishers interested in trialling them should contact us about adding the features to their staging sites.

So, what are these great new beta features we have for you this month?

New report editing statuses

To improve efficiency as content is progressed through production towards publication, we have added four new status options to more accurately outline the status of each piece of content.

Individual documents can now be tagged as ‘New’, ‘Pending Review’, ‘In Review’, and ‘Approved’ in the Reports section. The new column means analysts and editors can, at a glance, understand the status of individual pieces and know which require their attention.

New ‘Analyst’ role

To make creating new content even easier, we’ve added a new role. Admins can now assign users as an ‘Analyst’. This designation allows ‘Analysts’ just to create new reports and upload content. From here, Editors will be able to pick up the content, tweak, and suggest amendments for Analysts to make.

To ensure Editors maintain necessary quality controls, once the feature moves out of beta to a full release, Analysts won’t be able to create or publish Interactive Reports. They will only be able to create basic documents.

Setting publication times and dates

Once an Editor has approved content, they now have the option to set a preferred time and date for publication. We’ve added this feature to allow publishers to deploy content more strategically.

Auto Report Code generation

For publishers that don’t need to follow a particular Report Code sequence or format, we have added an option to automatically generate a Report Code. When Editors or Analysts create a new report, they can now add a Report Code or tick a box to ‘Create Code For Me’.

Version 7.17: new report covers, search and header enhancements rolled out

Version 7.17 is about to launch with three changes intended to delight both publishers and their subscribers.

Report covers

It’s now possible to upload a report cover and have it automatically applied across a whole category. This feature enables publishers to link a series of related reports and ensure all those pieces of content that previously didn’t have covers will now benefit from having one in place.

Content that appears in more than one category will be assigned the cover uploaded first, but with the option to shift to an alternative.

New header rollout

We previously told you about an overhaul to the Header section to make it easier for users to find content, make use of it, and change account settings.

That change was optional – allowing publishers to test it out – but now we have implemented the change broadly and it will apply across all sites as a permanent feature.

Search enhancement rollout

In the same way we rolled-out the new header to all sites, the package of optional search enhancements released in Version 7.4 has also been broadly released. Following a successful test and widespread uptake, these search changes will now also be applied permanently across all sites.