Everest Group extends its research content platform partnership with Publish Interactive

Publish Interactive, a SaaS developer for the research sector, has extended an agreement to provide Everest Group, a consulting and research firm that advises clients on global services, with its industry-leading content management and research publishing platform.

The new deal, which runs until June 2020, will see Publish Interactive enable Everest Group’s thousands of digital users with sophisticated search, intuitive tools, and simple access to vital research content.

The agreement, which represents an extension of an earlier two-year deal, will allow Everest Group to publish more than 300 new pieces of content every year, including its PEAK Matrix™ assessments that provide global service analysis and insights to enterprises.

The arrangement ensures Everest Group’s portfolio of more than 2,000 pieces of digital content will continue to be managed and made available to subscribers via Publish Interactive’s cloud-based, specialised content solution.

“We first sought out Publish Interactive because we knew its specialised content management and publishing solution could help organise our deep and rich portfolio of research and present the content to our members and prospective clients in a simple, engaging and user-friendly manner,” said Patricia Blair of Everest Group.

“The partnership has been extended so Everest Group can maintain a market-leading online offering at a time when demand for digital services continues to increase rapidly.”

“The research sector is digitising at a furious pace and smart businesses like Everest Group see where the opportunity for growth and future development lies,” said Emma Forber, Director of Client Services with Publish Interactive.

“Publish Interactive provides intuitive and user-friendly tools to help research providers like Everest Group serve customers better and to enable customers to find the information they need in the quickest and easiest way possible.”

About Everest Group

Everest Group is a research firm focused on strategic IT, business services, engineering services, and sourcing. Their clients include leading global companies, service providers, and investors. Clients use Everest’s services to guide their journeys to achieve heightened operational and financial performance, accelerated value delivery, and high-impact business outcomes.

451 Research partners with Publish Interactive to launch new publishing platform

451 Research, an IT research firm, has partnered with Publish Interactive, a SaaS developer for the research sector, to launch a new content management and research publishing platform.

451 Research will launch its new, state-of-the-art interactive content portal to customers this month, following a successful rollout of the technology to staff.

The research firm’s deal with Publish Interactive means its customers will benefit from sophisticated search, intuitive workflow tools and simple access to vital research content.

Using Publish Interactive’s cloud-based, specialised research sector content solution, 451 Research can publish more than 2,500 new pieces of content every year, including its short-form reports through its Market Insight service, the long-form Technology & Business Insight research reports and the graphic-heavy Voice of the Enterprise survey research.

The arrangement ensures that at launch more than 28,000 individual reports will be available to subscribers as digital content, with a further 54,228 reports from 451 Research to be uploaded later.

At 451 Research, we recognise the critical importance of our content being consumable for our clients which has led to our investment in Publish Interactive. Publish Interactive will provide an industry-best user experience that we have wanted for our clients,” said Alan Elworthy, Chief Revenue Officer at 451 Research.

“The new Research Dashboard empowers our clients to quickly identify, extract and embed the most valuable elements of our research, then seamlessly integrate them into their decision-making process. This accelerated path to finding actionable insights is a fundamental differentiator from our competitors,” said Aaron St. George, Senior Vice President of Engineering & IT Operations at 451 Research.

Publish Interactive’s smart tools and intuitive content management and publishing system offer 451 Research a key point of value in its markets. “The fact that each piece of content we support can be broken down by users into key ‘snippets’ for delivery, storage and export also helps 451 Research’s aim of increasing their value to clients by moving toward creating content in a more modular fashion,” added Emma Forber, Director of Client Services at Publish Interactive.

For further information, read this Q&A with 451 Research on how Publish Interactive is ‘mission critical’ to its development.

About 451 Research

451 Research is a leading information technology research and advisory company focusing on technology innovation and market disruption. More than 100 analysts and consultants provide essential insight to more than 1,000 client organisations globally through a combination of syndicated research and data, advisory and go-to-market services, and live events. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in New York, 451 Research is a division of The 451 Group.

Publish Interactive helps Roskill launch a powerful, new interactive content portal

Publish Interactive, a leading developer of serviced software for the Market Intelligence community, has enabled Roskill Information Services, a provider of international metals and minerals research information, to launch a new, fully interactive research content platform.

Using Publish Interactive’s solution, Roskill launched its new research content portal at the start of November to coincide with London Metals Exchange (LME) Week.

The new site enables Roskill to publish new reports in an interactive format that makes it quicker and easier for its customers to search, access, and reuse its information.

Roskill has converted 15 reports published in the last year into an interactive format and over the course of the next six months will make available a further ten-years-worth of reports as interactive content.

Roskill’s new content portal will enable its customers to:

  • Quickly and easily find information through high-quality search
  • Easily export figures into Powerpoint
  • Access the data behind tables as Excel documents
  • Translate written content into several different languages
  • Work seamlessly across its content portal and marketing website thanks to a single sign-in

“We’re delighted to have helped Roskill launch its new interactive content portal and, in doing so, extend the record number of customer launches we have overseen in the last 12 months,” said Emma Forber, Director of Client Services with Publish Interactive.

“We’re really excited about our work with Roskill. We hope the engaging features and customer usage information that Publish Interactive can provide will play a significant part in the next phase of its digital development.”

“As a business, we had initially looked to improve our content delivery by developing an in-house platform, but when we saw the range of features Publish Interactive could provide, the in-house option worked out to be more costly and less comprehensive,” said Alison Saxby, Director of Roskill Information Services.

“Now we have launched, we couldn’t be happier with Publish Interactive. It has enabled us to offer our customers an interactive experience for the first time, we can gather vital feedback on how customers use our products, and we can notify customers of updates to existing report content and easily launch new products into the market.”

About Roskill Information Services

Roskill Information Services is a leader in the provision of international metals and minerals research information. It started life as one of the UK’s first management consultancies in 1930. Roskill began publishing reports in 1970 and it now publishes more than 40 market reports and other information services.