Content Catalyst launches whitepaper detailing how B2B research publishers can increase their subscription revenue

Becoming a subscriber-first market analysis provider

There is a huge opportunity to drive subscription revenue and become a profitable subscriber-first business.

Publishing technology provider Content Catalyst has published a new whitepaper detailing the B2B information industry’s changing complexion during the pandemic and the opportunities technology presents to analyst firms looking to drive recurring income.

Becoming a subscriber-first market analysis provider – How niche research firms can use technology to successfully shift from a transactional model to recurring revenues examines how technology can empower market intelligence providers by helping them develop subscription services that, in turn, enable end-users to maximise their use of research information and data.

Subscriber-first whitepaper coverAuthor of the whitepaper, Edwin Bailey, Marketing Director at Content Catalyst said,The pandemic has highlighted that market intelligence providers cannot depend on advertising or selling one-off reports and data to disparate customers. There is a huge opportunity to drive subscription revenue and become a profitable subscriber-first business. This will also help to future-proof publishers’ income and make them less reliant on more fickle revenue sources.”

The 16-page whitepaper will help publishing executives better understand how to:

  • Use technology to offer personalised subscription packages.
  • Lower risks of revenue loss through IP breaches.
  • Develop compelling end-user experiences to generate engagement.
  • Put usage data at the heart of the customer relationship.

The paper will help those market publishers who already offer digital subscription services add finesse by optimising operations and maximising the quality of service they offer to end users.

Retail and hospitality research firm IHL Group launches new platform for data and research reports

At launch, IHL’s research publishing platform has over 150 reports, presentations, whitepapers and datasets available for subscribers.

IHL Group, an advisory and research firm covering the global retail and hospitality sectors, has partnered with technology provider Content Catalyst, to launch an interactive platform for subscribers using flagship content delivery service, Publish Interactive.

IHL produces research covering global retail and hospitality markets with an expertise in store systems, supply chain and impact of retail technologies such as POS, MPOS and BOPIS. The research firm based in Tennessee (USA), covers new retail tends such as Click and Collect, mobile commerce and Ship from Store and produces an extensive proprietary data set on US store openings.

Greg Buzek, President, IHL Group

Commenting on working with Content Catalyst, Greg Buzek, President of IHL Group, said; “This partnership has allowed us to refresh our research platform and make it stickier for our corporate clients”.

IHL’s new research service, powered by Publish Interactive, offers access to IHL’s research and data services. Subscribers will benefit an interactive experience which allows them to search across all content, save and share selections and export content and data into MS Office compatible documents for repurposing.

“Our previous system only allowed for download, so customers had to know intuitively which report had which information to effectively use the content. Now, with Publish Interactive, they can search keywords, find charts, clip and use for their internal presentations, exponentially increasing the usefulness of the research for our clients,” said Greg Buzek.

Edwin Bailey, Director of Marketing at Content Catalyst, said; “We are delighted that IHL has chosen to use Publish Interactive for its research platform. The intuitive search, workflow and content administration tools enables IHL Group to help its customers to save time and energy as they search for business intelligence and maximise the value of their subscriptions.”

About IHL Group

IHL Group is a global research and advisory firm specializing in technologies for the retail and hospitality industries. The company, based in Franklin, Tennessee, generates timely data reports, offers advisory services and serves as the leading retail technology spokesperson for industry and vendor events.

CCS Insight adopts Publish Interactive to enrich its content management and digital delivery

CCS Insight, a global technology sector research firm, has partnered with Content Catalyst, a SaaS developer for the research sector, to launch a state-of-the-art interactive platform for subscribers using their flagship content delivery platform, Publish Interactive.

CCS Insight is using the Publish Interactive content management and delivery platform to aid highly productive content creation and to deepen its engagement customers. CCS Insight can now take advantage of the Publish Interactive platform to enable:

  • Quick and easy content upload, publication and editing
  • A new and intuitive user experience
  • Research content interactivity
  • Access to a rich content portfolio
  • High-quality search for content discovery
  • A suite of smart workflow tools
  • Export to multiple formats (including Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Users to create and export their own bespoke reports from content clippings

“Partnering with Content Catalyst has enabled CCS Insight to provide users with the control they need to make better use of our research,” said Robert Caunt, Director of Publishing, CCS Insight.

“The platform is designed to meet many of our needs, and it’s quicker and better than our previous system. Search is clear, intuitive and accurate. It can translate content and allows users to copy to a clipboard and create their own reports.

“The platform also helps us create new content easily by converting Word documents into interactive content in a quick and intelligent way, while still supporting our PDF back catalogue.

“We can also find out how, why and what content people are using — and what they’re not using. We can track failed searches and find out what people want, that we don’t yet provide.”

Edwin Bailey, Director of Marketing with Content Catalyst, added: “Publish Interactive’s intuitive search, workflow tools and organization of content in the platform enables CCS Insight to help its customers to save time and effort as they search for business intelligence and really maximise the value of their subscriptions.”

About CCS Insight
CCS Insight provides market information, analysis and intelligence for companies in the technology sector around the world. Its research covers artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, smart cities and homes, 5G, the digital workplace, new consumer devices, networks and the activity of technology businesses. Its research and advice help clients make sense of the connected world.

Content Catalyst congratulates Incisive Media for their win at the 2020 PPA Awards

Incisive Media’s new IT vendor analysis service runs on Content Catalyst’s publishing platform

The team at Content Catalyst offer their congratulations to Incisive Media for their win at the prestigious 2020 Professional Publisher Association Awards.

Incisive won the Innovation of the Year award for their new product Computing Delta, a peer-reviewed market intelligence service aimed at chief information officers and senior IT leaders.

Computing Delta runs on Content Catalyst’s dedicated publishing platform Publish Interactive, which is specifically designed for publishers of high-value market analysis to deliver content and manage subscribers.

Commenting on the award, the PPA said; “The judges were so impressed by the success, innovation, and boldness of this brand who disrupted a market of strong leading players. Delivering huge value to users in a fairly niche market, this established brand is not afraid of competing with the big guns!”.

Remarking on the win, Eloise Corswarem, Product Manager at Incisive Media said; “All of the Computing Delta team are thrilled. We’re very proud of what we’ve built, and it’s fantastic that the product is receiving the recognition it deserves”.

Edwin Bailey, Marketing Director at Content Catalyst said; “I am delighted that one of our publishing customers has won an important business award. We are really pleased that Incisive Media chose Content Catalyst as the technology partner for their Delta Computing product. I am confident that our software platform will help not only deliver a wonderful end-customer experience but be the right software to help the product scale”.

Publish Interactive launches new function for research publishers to deliver PowerPoint content online

LEEDS, UK – Today, publishing technology company, Publish Interactive announces the launch of a new function within its software-as-a-service which allows PowerPoint content to be delivered online with an interactive experience.

The new feature, called SlideViewer, enhances publishers’ ability to deliver PowerPoint presentations and reports to their subscribers in a secure and interactive platform.

“SlideViewer has a couple of really exciting features that we believe are unique,” said Product Owner, Mark Chadwick. “One is the ability to identify figures and tables within a search across multiple files; the other, is to allow end-users and analysts to access the raw data behind the table or figure by exporting to a spreadsheet.”

End-users will benefit from a better onscreen experience which will reduce the need to download whole files for reading.

Edwin Bailey, Director of Strategy, commenting on the launch said: “Until recently high-value business information publishers have mostly been using Microsoft Word to author research, but we have seen an increase in publishers using PowerPoint as their primary authoring application. We have responded to this change by developing SlideViewer which allows analysts to present their work in an interactive format.”

SlideViewer: makes PowerPoints interactive

SlideViewer offers two key benefits to publishers of high-value content. Firstly, the ability to quickly deliver highly visual content without any change to existing authoring workflows. Secondly, publishers can now see reader usage and engagement which will help them better understand how content is performing.

The development of SlideViewer took five months and represents another success for the Leeds-based company which already holds three patents in the field of online content delivery. “We invest a considerable proportion of our revenue in R&D projects to ensure our service is innovative and stays ahead of the competition,” added Edwin Bailey.

Publishers of high-value research who are looking for an easier way to securely distribute their PowerPoint form content can request a no-obligation demonstration by visiting

Content Catalyst launches practical handbook to help publishers choose a content delivery system

Publishers of B2B information and market analysis now have help when considering moving to a new content delivery service with the launch of a new handbook to support the decision-making process.

Choosing the right research publishing

Guide helps publishers make a buying decision

softwareA practical guide to selecting the best content platform is designed as a practical guide to help publishers to choose a software platform to deliver content to their customers.

The guide draws on over 100 years of experience and expertise in publishing systems. The guide comprises three sections covering three stages of a buyer’s journey; Stage I: Needs & Planning, Stage II: System Specifications; and, Stage III: Supplier Selection. Additionally, there is advice from Content Catalyst team members covering sales, customer experience, marketing, administration and editorial.

Commenting on the launch, the Guide’s author Edwin Bailey, Director of Product Strategy and Marketing at Content Catalyst said: “Choosing a new software provider is a challenge for any organisation. There are multiple considerations to make around business objectives, functionality, security and cost. I hope this guide will help publishers in a robust and comprehensive evaluation of suppliers”.

“Picking the right solution for a publishing company is a complex process and will involve much consideration and many team members”. At Content Catalyst, we have helped hundreds of publishing professionals solve this challenge. Without being too boastful – we like to think of ourselves as experts.”

Mark Chadwick

Product Manager

The 22-page guide introduces a useful methodology called FAVER, which stands for Fit, Analysis, Value, Expectations and Resource. These five criteria are designed to help publishers structure their thoughts and ensure nothing is left to chance. There is also a handy checklist to track the progress of the decision-making process.

Mark Chadwick, Product Manager of Content Catalyst’s content delivery SaaS product Publish Interactive, said: “Picking the right solution for a publishing company is a complex process and will involve much consideration and many team members”. At Content Catalyst, we have helped hundreds of publishing professionals solve this challenge. Without being too boastful – we like to think of ourselves as experts”.

The guide is packed with useful advice from those on the sharp end of system deployment, which will help publishers:
– Better able to manage supplier identification,
– Specify the business objectives driving new system adoption,
– Consider how to manage the customer experience; and,
– Understand the resource needed to transition to a new system.

Edwin Bailey said, “By reading the guide we guarantee publishers will be much better prepared to tackle the process of finding a supplier and will be able to confidently reach a purchasing decision”.

Choosing the right research publishing software – A practical guide to selecting the best content platform can be downloaded for free.

Syndicated B2B market research report publishers must earn trust of buyers says whitepaper

Trust in the quality of content from syndicated B2B publishers is the biggest concern maintains Publish Interactive

Corporate users of syndicated B2B market research reports consider that trust in the publisher’s integrity is a key influencer when making a buying decision, says a new whitepaper from Publish Interactive, a leading publishing tech provider.

Key Drivers to Build Trust in Analysis
Whitepaper argues trust is paramount

Key Drivers to Build Trust in Analysis – How market analysts and competitive intelligence professionals buy, use and apply research in their work says that buyers most often look to publishers of market reports for a second opinion backed with robust proprietary data. Often trust in the publisher’s brand is the most significant differentiator for in choosing which content to buy.

The whitepaper says that fifteen years ago the most important purchasers of syndicated reports were company librarians, who held and disseminated knowledge. Today, corporate libraries are a rarity, and purchasing decisions are often made by staff on a self-serve basis, meaning that publishers now have to convince end-users of the value of their content.

Edwin Bailey, Director of Marketing at Publish Interactive said, “Trust is all important. Both publishers and analysts must build and retain their reputation and ensure that their data and opinion use fact not conjecture to provide reliable actionable insight”. He added: “Interestingly there are parallels between the trust that buyers place in syndicated research and the trust that senior teams place in internal analysts. Our research shows that in-house analysts must have the ear of the senior management and be robust in their views for their work to be impactful”.

“Trust is all important. Both publishers and analysts must build and retain their reputation and ensure that their data and opinion use fact not conjecture to provide reliable actionable insight.”

Edwin Bailey

Director of Marketing & Research

The whitepaper draws on three months of primary research into the challenges that in-house corporate competitive intelligence and market analysis departments face in their work. Edwin Bailey, who conducted the research and is the author of the whitepaper, said, “We are well-placed to understand the challenges syndicated content users face in their work and how these influence their research buying”.

The whitepaper presents the findings from one-to-one interviews and a survey and makes suggestions for research publishers to deliver content in an impactful way. The research shows that 68% of corporate market intelligence departments purchase fewer than 15 reports a year.

Key Drivers to Build Trust in Analysis – How market analysts and competitive intelligence professionals buy, use and apply research in their work can be downloaded for free.

Publish Interactive to speak at 2019 Business Information & Media Summit conference on future of high-value research publishing

LEEDS, 5 November 2019. Publish Interactive, a publishing technology company, is pleased to announce that Emma Forber, Head of Client Services, will be speaking on the high-value research publishing sector at the 2019 Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS19) held between 11 to 13 November in Florida, USA.

Her presentation will explore how B2B publishers can respond to the challenges of reduced customer budgets, new and alternative content types and increasing competition from lower cost producers to ensure they remain relevant to their customers.

“I am extremely pleased to be speaking about this topic to such a prestigious audience,” said Miss Forber. “My presentation will look at the ‘three kings’ of research publishing: data, content and context; and examine how publishers should consider each of these from their customers’ viewpoint. This should help publishers build strong and long-lasting relationships with customers that will deliver reoccurring revenues and future value,” she added.

Publish Interactive is sponsoring the event and will have an exhibition stand at which attendees can see a demonstration of the software-as-as-service content delivery system. Edwin Bailey, Product & Marketing Strategy Director for Publish Interactive said, “We are delighted to be sponsoring BIMS19. The event is unique in that is offers a forum for publishers of specialist business content to discuss best practice and meet with their peer group”.

Miss Forber’s talk, High-Value Research Publishing – How understanding user behaviour creates competitive advantage will take place on 13 November. A copy of the presentation will be available after 15 November upon request.

BIMS19 will be held at the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort in Florida between 11 and 13 November 2019. Information about the conference BIMS19 can be found at

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Publish Interactive Releases Whitepaper on Trends in High-value B2B Research Publishing

Whitepaper highlights that market report publishers must understand how customers use their syndicated content

LEEDS, England, Aug. 28, 2019 – A new whitepaper released by Publish Interactive, a research publishing tech provider, says that publishers of high-value B2B market analysis must ensure they understand how their customers use content to remain competitive.

Trends in High-Value Research Publishing 2019 points out that publishers of chargeable research face a string of significant challenges including reduced customer budgets, new and alternative content types and competition from lower cost producers. With over 6,000 reports being published every month, the whitepaper says that successful B2B publishers must engage with their existing users and ensure their content remains relevant to their customers’ consumption habits.

Publishers are already shifting away from a traditional ‘transactional’ model based around single copy sales and instead adopting new technology to drive subscriptions. The whitepaper identifies the ‘three kings’ of research publishing – data, content and context. They are examined along with suggestions for how publishers should consider each of these from their customers’ viewpoint.

“The trick for a publisher is to really understand their customer’s workflow and tasks,” explained lead author Edwin Bailey, Director of Strategy at Publish Interactive. “Then find the point at which published content can add the most value and reorganise it to fit end-user tasks,” he added. “This should help publishers build strong and long-lasting relationships with customers that will deliver reoccurring revenues and future value.”

The 8-page whitepaper subtitled Beyond transactions – how understanding user behaviour creates competitive advantage provides a checklist of five essential questions that publishers of market reports should ask themselves to evolve their business from product to customer centric.

The whitepaper Trends in High-Value Research Publishing 2019 – Beyond transactions: how understanding user behaviour creates competitive advantage can be downloaded for free at

BioInformatics Inc. chooses Publish Interactive to launch new publishing platform and rebrand as Science and Medicine Group

B2B research publishing tech provider, Publish Interactive, today announced partnership with BioInformatics Inc, a leading market research firm in the instrumentation and life science industries, to launch a new publishing platform as it rebrands to Science and Medicine Group.

Following a successful test and rollout, the new Science and Medicine Group has publicly launched a state-of-the-art interactive content platform to customers.

The new platform will act as a home to Science and Medicine Group’s various research brands, including BioInformatics which retains its distinct identity alongside other businesses in the group.

Science and Medicine Group will use Publish Interactive’s content management and delivery platform to engage customers with a seamless user experience, interactive content, and a suite of smart workflow tools.

The new site will be home to the group’s research back catalogue and will publish around 100 new pieces each year as interactive reports and slide-based content.

A string of recent acquisitions had seen Science and Medicine Group take control of eight distinct brands, five of which are publishing organisations that will retain their respective identities in the platform.

“With our recent acquisition of Kalorama Information we inherited use of the Publish Interactive online tool which they had been successfully using to support their clients for over three years,” said Justin Dudash, Head of Marketing, Science and Medicine Group. “We relaunched the site and expanded the content offering by adding our complementary market research brands to the Publish Interactive experience,” he added.

Developing a new Publish Interactive-powered content platform enables Science and Medicine Group to deliver content to multiple audiences through a single user experience.

“Doing this allows us to offer the best collection of life science, instrument, and clinical market reports on one state-of-the-art platform called the Knowledge Center,” said Mr Dudash.

“Science and Medicine Group’s clients can now access chart-heavy slide decks and find, use, and download this content easily using Publish Interactive’s smart workflow tools,” added Emma Forber, Director of Client Services with Publish Interactive.

About Science and Medicine Group

Science and Medicine Group is a leading research and advisory firm serving the life science, analytical instrument, diagnostic, healthcare, radiology, and dental industries. Its publishing brands include Bioinformatics, Instrument Business Outlook, IMV Research, Kalorama Information, and Strategic Directions International .