Enhanced UX: how our new Header benefits users

In addition to our monthly enhancements and the long-term fundamental improvements we apply to iReports, we also like to run medium-term projects where we revamp the user experience – and it’s our great pleasure to today unveil one such development.

We’ve overhauled the iReport’s Header section to make it easier for users to find content they need, make use of that information, and make changes to their accounts in the simplest way possible.

So, what changes have we made?

Research tab

We have taken the Product and View tabs and consolidated them into a new Research tab with a dropdown menu. This new, configurable dropdown menu will display up to four different content categories for each publisher (so, things like Regions, Topics, etc).

This change will make navigation easier for users as they will be able to jump to specific sets of content from any area of the site. For publishers, it will allow them to promote the most relevant content to users and encourage users to navigate the site in the way that suits them best.

End user tools

We have reorganised the end user tools into groups to make them more user-friendly. With the new header enabled, users will see a cluster on the right side of the screen with groups called: ‘Clippings’, ‘Library’, ‘Notes’, and for those that use the option: ‘Charge backs’.

Clicking an element will take the user to that section where further, relevant, tools can be used.

My profile

The upper right section of the new header has been given over to an individual user’s personal details. The My Profile section shows a user image and when hovered will reveal a new dropdown menu that will contain profile editing options and links to each of their personal Clippings, Library, and Notes sections.

When not logged into iReports, the homepage will now also display prominent ‘Log-in’ and ‘Register’ buttons.

Make it happen…

To enable this new piece of design and functionality, publishers need to enable Preview New Header within the Accounts section of the Admin area and then configure accordingly.

Version 7.6 launches with a new API, better search, and link tracking

Version 7.6 of iReports is about to be released to staging sites with four significant enhancements – and they are:

Tracking links

It’s now possible to track inbound links to pages within your iReports site. Simply create a unique code to add to the end of the url they wish to track.

The code to edit, then to add to a url is:




This is a great new way to find out which sources are bringing traffic to your content. There is no limit on the number of unique codes that can be created; so, when a publisher exports lists of content and/or account usage, all the unique inbound urls they have fashioned are logged and can be analysed.

New features preview

To make it easier for you to find and try new iReports features, we have moved the New Features Preview section to a more prominent location.

It is now accessed from the Admin area – either under Global Preferences or from an individual Accounts area. Simply go to the section, click into one of the features listed, then select whether apply this preview to all accounts or just a select few.

Search enhancement

To improve the quality of the results returned to your users, we have made a small but important tweak. Now, when a customer searches using the word ‘and’, they will be returned a much richer and more detailed set of results.

Version 7.5 launches with simplified customise PDF downloads

We made a lot of changes in Version 7.4, so the release of Version 7.5 into staging sites comes with just one enhancement – but it’s a goodie!

Simplified customise PDF downloads

Many publishers produce customised PDF downloads of reports to sit alongside the interactive version so end-users can download and print out a document that’s attractive, branded, and eye-catching.

In this release, we have simplified the process by which an end user can get their hands on such a document. Now, when users click the ‘Download whole report as PDF’ button from within an Interactive Report, they will no longer be diverted to the PDF Viewer and forced to press another button to make this happen. Instead, they simply press the button in their Interactive Report, and the customised PDF will begin to download.

Version 7.4 launches with new partial rollout feature for testing

Version 7.4 of iReports is about to be released to staging sites with a handful of changes, but for this release we’ve altered the way we’re introducing a few of the enhancements to allow you to experiment a little.

Behind ‘account preferences’

Three new developments have been added, but behind ‘account preferences’ to let you try these new bits out on just a handful of accounts before implementing more widely.

We’ve done this to allow you to compare the effectiveness of these changes with the existing approach, and in the hope that you may feedback your thoughts and findings so that we can refine what we have produced and get it working just the way you want it prior to full release.

It’s worth noting that, if you just want to apply these changes across the board to all accounts, you can do that – it’s not mandatory for you to only try them out on a select few – anyway, what enhancements are we talking about? It’s probably time to explain…

Search ‘exact phrase’

The first new feature is around search. We’ve added two new buttons into the left-hand search navigation to let users either search for an ‘exact phrase’ or ‘any of the words’. This helps users perform searches for specific phrases or report titles, or find reports that have any of the words they have searched for.

Figures and tables filters moved

To make it quicker and easier for users to filter results to either see all content, just the figures, or just tables that relate to a search term, we have moved these buttons out of the left-hand search navigation. Now, once a term has been entered and the search undertaken, users can use the new tabs located just above the results in the centre column to hop quickly between filtered results

Inline thumbnails

There is also a further change when filtering by figures or tables. Now, results will be displayed with inline thumbnail images. Not only will this make the user-experience just that little bit more pleasurable, it will help users find the content they need more quickly and easily. They can even hover the curser over a thumbnail and click to see a full-size preview.

Adding new users

This is the one enhancement in the 7.4 release that isn’t alterable under account preferences. That’s because it isn’t a user function, but a change to improve backend administration for the publisher.

Now, when an admin has added a new user into the system, they will be given the option to ‘save and add another’. Also, once they have added a user and are looking at the summary page, they will now have the option to ‘add another user’.

This change has been made to cut out lots of meaningless clicks for that moment when an admin has a group of new users to add, but not enough to warrant a bulk import.

Version 7.3 launches with variable search alerts – and much more!

Version 7.3 of iReports is just about to be released to staging sites and with it comes four great enhancements…

Search alerts

It’s now possible for users to specify whether they want to receive alerts about their saved searches on a daily or weekly basis.

Once a user has conducted a search, they simply press the ‘Save this Search’ button and choose between weekly and daily alerts. An email will then be automatically triggered once a new piece of content matching their search criteria becomes available.

Welcome emails

To make life just a little bit easier for site administrators, it’s now possible delay or resend a welcome email to a new site user. So, if the user accidently deletes the email, it goes into junk, or if an admin just needs to wait a little while before sending, the administrator can now choose to re-send the log-in credentials.

Categories API

It is now possible for publishers to manage their iReports content categories using an external piece of software. Thanks to our new category API, publishers can add, edit, or delete categories without having to go into iReports to perform those tasks.

Notifications API

It’s now possible for iReports to send a notification to an external software system about an event that has occurred on the publishing platform. If, for instance, a user lands on a certain page, iReports can now send an outbound message to an external system (like a CRM or analytics software) to say this has happened.

Version 7.2 launches with auto-complete search

Version 7.2 of iReports is just about to be released to staging sites and with it comes three great new enhancements.

Auto complete in search

To make searching more straightforward and to help users find exactly what they need, we have added an auto complete feature to the search function of iReports. This means when you search you’ll now be offered related terms and categories that already exist in the system.

New API added

The latest addition to our growing suite of APIs will allow you to extract any uploaded content – including Word doc and report attachments – to an alternative location. We imagine this will be particularly useful to those of you who retain report libraries. Content can now be automatically updated, rather than extracted then added to its new location manually.

Brochures added to editing area

To make the admin related to individual reports just that little bit easier, we’ve added brochures to the editing area of the report to which they relate. This means that all content related to an individual report can be found and edited from a single destination.

Version 7.1 launches with faster report editing

As our last update was a big one – the launch of Version 7.0 and with it our first mobile interface – it won’t come as a surprise to hear the staging site enhancements in Version 7.1 are of a smaller scale.

We have just one development for you this time around, but it’s a nice one…

Faster report editing

To improve the productivity of editors – and make publishers’ tasks less time-consuming – we have made it speedier to alter report content or apply new formats to reports.

We’ve speeded the process up by reducing the time it takes to save a whole document.

It’s a simple change, but one where you’ll really start to see a productivity benefit

Introducing Version 7.0

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Version 7.0 of iReports!

The new release number reflects the great leap forward we’re currently taking with the launch of our new mobile interface to public-facing websites.

We introduced the mobile interface to staging sites in our last release – but now we’re giving you the chance to offer the site to customers.

It’s all very exciting and we can’t wait to start developing this new aspect of iReports even further…

Of course, the move is big news, but it’s not our only development. Here are four new features for staging sites:

User bulk imports

We’ve recently made it possible for publishers to make bulk account and meta data imports. Now, to add to this growing list, it’s possible to make bulk imports of user data.

This new feature makes it easier for publishers to add a raft of new users to an account. In the admin area, publishers will find a downloadable template. Simply apply data to this template then select the Excel file to import. iReports will then flag any data fields that need attention before users are added.


To make viewing easier, iReports will now adjust its size automatically on smaller monitors. We’ll also reduced the boarders and the homepage banner to create a better reading experience.

Ask the Analyst for mobile

… And the second feature to be added to the mobile version is our Ask the Analyst function. Now, mobile users will be able to read research on their phone and then instantly get in touch with the publisher without having to do that on their laptop or on their desktop.

News feeds for mobile

To build on the mobile launch, we’re adding a host of features to the site. First off is new feeds. You’ll now be able to search, access news, and link out to external sites from the mobile version of iReports in the same way as from our desktop version…

Tell us what you think

We’re keen to hear the opinions of publishers – and feedback from their users – on our new mobile site. Please feel free to get in touch and tell us what you want and need from the site at feedback@publishinteractive.com

iReports on your mobile!

We’ve just told you about a host of changes in Version 6.25, but if that wasn’t enough we’ve only gone and added another one – and this one really is a cracker.

We’ve launched a mobile version of iReports to staging sites!

How do I launch a preview of the mobile site?

It’s simple. From a desktop, click ‘Switch to mobile interface’ while in your staging site. Alternatively, just log into your staging site from a mobile and the page will scale automatically.

Reading on the go

The new site has been designed to make it easier for end users to access research from any location. Whether on the daily commute, or moving between meeting, users can search, filter by category or topic, then read reports on the go…

Enjoyable reading experience

The mobile site offers excellent readability. Reports scale to the device, ensuring a high-quality experience. Tables embedded into written content also scale to ensure reading is not interrupted. If, however, users want to look at a table, they can click on the element to examine it more closely.

Increased engagement opportunity

The benefit of the new site, for publishers, is how it allows users even more opportunity to engage with research reports. Users have peace of mind knowing that, wherever they are, they will be able to conduct quick research or read reports at length, thus strengthening the customer relationship.

Marketing to end users

To help publishers explain the benefits of the mobile site to their end users, we have created some materials publishers might want to use in their communications. They can be found here.

Tell us what you think

We’re keen to hear the opinions of publishers – and feedback from their users – on our new mobile site. Please feel free to get in touch and tell us what you want and need from the site at feedback@publishinteractive.com

Version 6.25 enhancements: Four brand new features…

We told you, last month, about Version 6.24 changes, but this month is particularly exciting as the release of Version 6.25 will bring four new features to staging sites.

Meta data bulk imports

It’s now possible to make bulk imports of meta data. This new feature makes it easier for publishers to update existing marketing pages or create new report marketing pages. In the admin area, simply click into ‘reports’, then ‘bulk import products’ and select the Excel file to import. iReports will then flag any data fields that need attention before creating the updates and new pages automatically.

Remote access management

We have made it easier for publishers to manage remote user access. Instead of contacting us to add specific IP or email addresses of approved remote access users, we have given publishers the ability to access to their own lists and manage their own approved remote access users instead.

Welcome email

We’ve made it easier to send ‘welcome’ emails. For publishers launching on iReports, or adding new accounts, instead of sending numerous individual emails with log-in details and temporary passwords, it’s now possible to send bulk emails to everyone listed under a single, or multiple accounts.

Email templating

To make it easier for publishers to use, edit, and manage their email templates, we have given them their own dedicated section in the admin area of iReports.


If this 6.25 update is due to go through to your production site – we’ll be in touch with you to schedule it!