Facilitating Growth: How Oxford Economics leverage Publish Interactive to scale content production and expand its global reach


Leading economic research firm Oxford Economics chose to partner with Content Catalyst and adopt Publish Interactive – its leading content delivery and subscriber management platform – to power the My Oxford portal. A global client base of cross-industry corporate entities now use the Publish Interactive-powered My Oxford portal to access subscription content and consulting deliverables.

Oxford Economics

Oxford Economics is the world’s foremost independent economic advisory firm. Starting as a commercial venture with Oxford University’s business college back in 1981, the firm soon spread to the four corners of the globe. Now covering over 200 countries, over 100 industrial sectors and 8,000 cities and regions, their international team of analysts deliver insights that enable businesses to make intelligent and responsible decisions faster.

Realigning organisational focus

To facilitate its wide-ranging coverage of international economic markets and ambitious growth targets, Oxford Economics needed a dependable, scalable content delivery solution to power the My Oxford insights portal.

Since the launch of the updated My Oxford portal, which, Ben Nicaudie, Chief Information Officer at Oxford Economics, described as the “smoothest deployment at this scale they [Oxford Economics] had seen”, the organisation has realigned focus back to its core principles: delivering exceptional economic insights and an innovative user experience for their over 2,500-strong worldwide client base, which includes household names like IBM, Visa, and Airbnb.

The solid foundation provided by the Publish Interactive platform enables efficient publishing workflow processes and reduces the previously heavy burden of website maintenance and general IT support on Oxford Economics’ development team. The firm now has a reliable, scalable technical infrastructure and more time to focus on innovative product development initiatives.

The My Oxford homepage – powered by Publish Interactive

“No longer focused on keeping the lights on”

Before adopting Publish Interactive, Oxford Economics had a high-maintenance content delivery system. Ben oversaw the launch of the new platform and explains how his team no longer require “dedicated support and admin staff to maintain the platform.” This new-found freedom from the shackles of repetitive maintenance work allowed his team to “spend a lot more time improving things as we’re not focused on keeping the lights on or other operational matters.”

For instance, updating content and their vast array of verticals was time-intensive. Oxford Economics provide analysis on a far more specified basis than their competitors and the new platform now helps them “achieve this coverage from a technical perspective.” Newly created verticals, including a ‘Global Climate Scenarios’ category, are configured quickly and easily, enabling Oxford Economics to scale its content offering.

In addition to the benefits of a more focused development team, Publish Interactive facilitates better connectivity across the business. With two key arms to their business: subscription content and consulting projects, the company previously experienced a degree of disconnect. “One of the success stories from the partnership has been our ability to integrate both sides of the business into one platform through the API connectivity,” says Ben.

A deep integration with Salesforce strengthened interconnectivity further. Linking the commercial operations of the organisation more closely with the research arm enabled all users, licenses, and purchases to be managed via the CRM.

Transformative HTML Content

Aside from improved organisational processes, “one of the biggest selling points was the ability to move to HTML”, asserts Ben. Oxford Economics’ emphasis on HTML content output hosted through Publish Interactive’s Interactive Docs feature, sets them apart from other market analysis firms publishing content in PowerPoint or static PDF format.

Leveraging an intelligent piece of custom development, Ben’s team developed a simpler process for authoring HTML documents and adding metadata direct from Word. This process has been well received by analysts and “switching to HTML has given a fresh, modernised look for all of our content – in fact, the ability to fully automate things like compendium reports has given us a new lease of life,” comments Ben.

This new lease of life benefits both analysts and Oxford Economics’ subscribers.

For analysts, automation has “saved a lot of time in the content production phase and allowed analyst teams to get more content out than before.” Ben has noticed the most significant benefits of automation with Oxford Economics’ data-driven ‘Cities’ content. The previous system converted analysts’ Excel worksheets into PDF format with no scope to deliver content as HTML or to include interactive data. Now, only one template is needed – leading to “virtually zero” tickets for IT support.

For subscribers, the HTML reading experience is far more engaging: “clients can now interact with the data and content to a much higher degree,” explains Ben. Given the complexity of Oxford Economics’ datasets and the prominence of data forecasts in their content, interactivity is a must. End-users can also compile pertinent sections of the content and export custom reports to the Microsoft Office suite.

“Switching to HTML has given a fresh, modernised look for all of our content – in fact, the ability to fully automate things like compendium reports has given us a new lease of life.”

Ben Nicaudie
Chief Information Officer
Oxford Economics

End-users are reaping the rewards

It’s not only increased interactivity that has improved the end-user reading experience, but also two key in-platform content engagement tools: search and translation.

Ben discusses a common headache for market analysis providers associated with building content delivery systems in-house: subscribers cannot always find the information they need in ways they expect. He admits that “it seems silly because we all just expect search to work but it is a very complex, technical area and getting it right is really difficult”. The firm previously worked with third-party organisations to hone and optimise their search system but to no avail; search returns were often “too smart” and came back with unintuitive results. Not the outcome an organisation with a content catalogue of over 50,000 technical, complex research products was hoping for.

“We used to get complaints from clients and from people internally that search was not functioning properly”, explains Ben, “but that’s completely gone away now.”

Given Oxford Economics’ global audience and workforce, in-platform translation tools have transformed engagement with content. “For the first time, clients can see a report in their chosen language – that was a big step forward,” comments Ben, who says further enhancements will follow, including the generation of email notifications in a client’s chosen language.

An innovation facilitator

Since the implementation of Publish Interactive, instead of dealing with support tickets, site maintenance issues, and complex publishing workflow processes the organisation is focused on what it does best: creating high-quality economic research and delivering a boundary-pushing reading experience for its international clientele.

Ben has ambitious plans for the My Oxford portal. Noticing the growing proliferation of AI-based technologies, he discusses his plans to train AI chatbots to improve accessibility of content using advanced natural language models. These intelligent bots will help answer client queries about content, further reducing the workload on account managers and analysts who no longer have to spend their time fielding simple subscriber questions. The shift from PDF to HTML-published content has facilitated this development. Content is now formulaically structured in the production phase, meaning AI can pinpoint recurring elements in each document and answer questions about specific sections of the document. This will “give us a huge advantage going forward”, explains Ben.

Leveraging the dependable infrastructure the Publish Interactive platform provides, Oxford Economics now has a strong environment in which to scale. No longer shackled by inefficient workflow processes, high-maintenance tech, and inflexible content formats, their international team of expert economists, developers, and commercial personnel can continue to forge the organisation’s innovative path.

“Having all the content in one place gives us the platform to make changes and we’ll be on that journey together with Content Catalyst as a managed service provider,” summarised Ben.


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  • End-user workflow

How MarketResearch.com grew user numbers after implementing SSO for enterprise customers


MarketResearch.com (MRDC) activated Single Sign-on (SSO) for a corporate client, doubling the account’s active users, increasing the value of their service, and significantly boosting customer engagement.

MarketResearch.com (MRDC) is a distribution service for over 400 publishers and a publisher of market research insights. They leverage Publish Interactive technology in their publishing division to offer subscription access to their various brands, including Freedonia Group, Freedonia Focus Reports, Packaged Facts, and Simba Information. Their clients are corporate entities, generally with a broad interest in the overall collection from one of the brands.

Password prompts prevent easy access to content

Username and password prompts interrupt the user journey and present a potential barrier to accessing services. While modern browsers help the user by saving log-in credentials, passwords are inevitably forgotten or expire.

If subscribers successfully enter their password the first time, they will complete their task unimpeded. However, if they forget their password, it may take several attempts, and even a password reset to access an application.

“Any time there is a barrier to accessing something, it reduces the likelihood that we use it,” says Ned Zimmerman, Director, Technical Publishing Operations & Analytical Support at MRDC. “Most of our clients’ users are not in our platform on a daily basis, so remembering their username/password becomes more of an issue.”

SSO reduces the likelihood of a user forgetting their log-in credentials and abandoning their task. For publishers like MRDC, SSO diminishes the barriers users face when researching and collating information, resulting in their content becoming increasingly embedded in end-user workflows and integral to the completion of business-critical tasks.

How MRDC customers access content before and after SSO implementation

Simplified password management with SSO

With SSO enabled, employees of an organisation need just one username and password to access all applications for which they have permission.

For example, an employee who needs access to four applications during their working day must go through four separate log-in sequences. With SSO, they need just one set of log-in credentials to access all four services.

MRDC implemented SSO for a corporate client to simplify password administration and improve security while making it easier for subscribers to access research products. In the first months after activation, active user figures doubled. They also significantly boosted the client’s engagement with the platform and increased the value the client receives.

SSO Graph
Graph showing the number of users accessing MRDC's Knowledge Center before and after SSO implementation

“Not only did we make it easier for new users to gain access to the service, but we also made it easier for existing users to reach the content as well,” reveals Ned. “For us, we have an additional value proposition we can offer our clients when they consider our services, and we have more client engagement, which then smooths the renewal process.”

 “We now have an additional value proposition we can offer our clients when they consider our services, and we have more client engagement, which then smooths the renewal process.”


Ned Zimmerman
Director, Technical Publishing Operations & Analytical Support

SSO Integration

To integrate SSO with Publish Interactive technology, the client must already use this service within their organisation. We support OAuth SSO via Okta and Azure Active Directory. Ned concludes: “We have other services where we have also implemented SSO and working with the Publish Interactive team we were able to add this without too much difficulty.”

Some of the benefits of SSO for publishers of market analysis include:

  • Frictionless account access allows users to get more value from subscriptions by embedding content seamlessly into end-user workflows.
  • Provides a superior sign-in experience for subscribers by reducing or eliminating sign-in prompts.
  • Strengthens publishers’ value propositions, resulting in improved client engagement and renewal rates.
  • Limits the reuse of usernames and passwords across apps to reduce the risk of security breaches.


  • End-user workflow
  • Technology
  • User Journey

How an integration with Power BI makes data accessible & digestible for risk managers

Risk Leadership Network

By integrating the data visualisation capabilities of Power BI into the Publish Interactive platform, Risk Leadership Network has created a suite of benchmarking dashboards and a more compelling membership proposition.

Risk Leadership Network

Risk Leadership Network is a global corporate membership network for risk leaders and their teams. They enable practical knowledge sharing and collaboration between peers, which empowers risk leaders to drive progressive risk management in their organisations.

Business intelligence and data visualisation in one place

A Risk Manager deals with the analysis, assessment, and control of risk. To do their job effectively, they need up-to-date information for benchmarking and developing new approaches to risk management.

However, gathering this information is a time-consuming manual job. A Risk Manager can spend hours poring over reports, disclosures, and other documents.

Risk Leadership Network wanted to use technology to help members save time gathering the required intelligence. They needed help developing and integrating data-led benchmarking tools using Power BI within their instance of the Publish Interactive system.

Members can currently access three dashboards depending on their subscription package. These collate information that would otherwise take members a long time to put together and present it in an accessible, easy-to-understand format. Members can then use Power BI tools to scan relevant data or drill down further into the detail.

A Power BI exhibit in Risk Leadership Network’s Publish Interactive-powered Intelligence Platform

Tangible Member Benefits

Tom Byford is Head of Product at Risk Leadership Network. He says having data tools on the same system as intelligence and analysis creates a better user experience for the organisation and its members.

“At the front-end, it’s very usable for our members. In the back-end, it’s very easy for us to administer and create iterations of tools.” It’s also a fairly easy concept to market, as most risk managers can see how the tools will fit into their day-to-day work and where it will save them time.

The new dashboards have also created a more compelling membership proposition. One of the challenges for the organisation is that its core concept is networking, which can be a difficult sell. “As a concept, it’s not very tangible, which can make it challenging for people to justify funding,” Tom explains.

“If you can present to your superiors that as part of this package you get access to tools that will save time and money, it’s a far more tangible benefit. Although it’s a relatively small part of what we do, in terms of the pitch, it adds an element that makes it easier for people to justify membership.”

Feedback from members has so far been positive. They’ve generally felt that the tools are an accessible way of seeing the information and that the platform is intuitive to use. “Although we could have presented it in a different way, I don’t think we could have made it as easy to use and navigate in Power BI,” adds Tom.

“I’m not sure we could deliver it in such a seamless way as Publish Interactive does. What they have done well in our experience is made it painless for the end-user to set up.”

Tom Byford
Tom Byford
Head of Product
Risk Leadership Network

Making the business case

Tom recommends first building a prototype in Power BI to gather customer feedback and make a business case. “It’s really easy – a couple of hours work or so – to build a prototype in Power BI using dummy data (or some real, some dummy), and you should be able to see very quickly if the product has value once you’ve done a couple of demos.”

The ease of use from both the user’s perspective and the data provider’s makes this “very compelling”, adds Tom. “Having that relatively pain-free experience of delivering quite a complex tech-based product is rare, and I’ve been really impressed by how easy Publish Interactive has made it.”

He says building the tools within the Publish Interactive system was simpler and more cost-effective than developing their own Power BI solution.

“I’m not sure we could deliver it in such a seamless way as Publish Interactive does. What they’ve done is impressive. Putting together your own Power BI solution is possible but complex. What Publish Interactive has done well in our experience is made it painless for the end-user to set up.”

Watch Tom run through a short demo of Risk Leadership Network’s Power BI-powered TCFD Comparison Tool here.

For more information about Publish Interactive’s new Microsoft Power BI integration, click here.


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  • Integrations

Instant Access, Instant Results – how TGaS transformed engagement across their life science industry reports

Using Publish Interactive’s Instant Access links, TGaS Advisors offers their member network frictionless access to the latest research, increasing user engagement and sales opportunities.


TGaS Advisors, a division of Trinity Life Sciences, is the leading benchmarking and advisory services firm for commercial organizations in the life sciences industry. With a roster of top 50, emerging and precommercial life sciences companies, TGaS provides robust comparative intelligence and collaborative network membership services. The team includes more than 60 experienced professionals, most with senior-level experience in the life sciences and related industries.
TGaS provides research and surveying advice through market analysis reports called ‘Landscape Studies’ and ‘VHows’– short-form content pieces that deliver critical insight through survey data.

TGaS Advisors compiles business-critical content covering key life sciences issues by aggregating data taken from surveys of their international member network of industry professionals. Members suggest ideas for studies to TGaS who then “build and create a short survey with clients,” explains Jill Campanella, Associate Product Manager of Executive Commercial Operations at TGaS.

The member network then anonymously partakes in the surveys for access to the results, known as VHows. It is a decidedly communal method of content creation and the firm’s former method of content delivery reflected this collective mindset.

Until recently, VHows were emailed to members by TGaS analysts as PDFs. This process was key for survey participants as they expected ungated access to the content they contributed to.

Despite the minimal barrier to end-users accessing VHows, TGaS discovered the limitations of PDF delivery meant that it was impossible to track content usage, and due to a login barrier, members were less likely to enter the Insights Portal which contains all of TGaS’ published member content.

The TGaS team wanted to monitor reader analytics but was reluctant to force members to log in to access the VHows, so continued to rely on email delivery. This resulted in a clunky reading experience for end-users and reduced engagement with the wider library of content.

Screenshot of TGaS Advisors insights portal

The TGaS Insights Reports Platform Homepage

Unlocking the gate to expose the full breadth of content

This posed the challenge: how could TGaS implement a system capable of replicating the ungated access email delivery affords while also driving users to their Insights Portal? The solution lay in Publish Interactive’s Instant Access technology which, as Ms. Campanella and her team discovered, meant “there was no barrier to the portal anymore.” With a small amount of custom coding TGaS streamlined the distribution of instant access links which allows recipients “to hop over” the password.

Bypassing this initial log-in has created the frictionless VHow distribution experience that TGaS has been striving for; one where content usage is clear without sacrificing any accessibility and where TGaS’ industry expertise is demonstrated by giving users exposure to the portal.

As the central repository of TGaS’ research content, exposure to the Insights Portal is vital for maximising the client’s value. Sending standalone, siloed content out to members was not exhibiting their full breadth of research. “Now, clients are getting more value because not only are they getting a link to that VHow, but then they are in the portal and can easily log in to browse around, so it’s elevating the visibility of the TGaS Insights Portal and enhancing the value our clients get from that technology,” says Ms. Campanella.

“Now, clients are getting more value because they are in the portal and can easily login to browse around, so it’s elevating the visibility of the TGaS Insights Portal and enhancing the value our clients get from that technology”

Jill Campanella
Jill Campanella
Associate Product Manager of Executive Commercial Operations
TGaS Advisors

Proactive membership building

Improved accessibility also led to increasing numbers of users in the portal itself. TGaS is proactively adding new users who are in the professional network but not active portal members. Ms. Campanella explains: “Previously our workflow didn’t identify people that weren’t portal users. We were just sending the VHows out and then we had the self-registration process, so there was a gap. Now we’re getting and building more of a user base in the portal which is helping more people get value from the membership.”

In addition to exposure to TGaS’ full content portfolio, added value comes in the form of the enhanced reading experience. Users now take advantage of powerful in-platform workflow tools and search, allowing them to find and re-purpose pertinent information quickly and easily – tools that are unavailable with standard PDF delivery.

Summarising TGaS’ experience with Instant Access technology, Ms. Campanella concludes: “it’s really a win-win for us – it’s good for our clients and it’s good for us.”

Key benefits of TGaS’ use of Instant Access technology

  1. Improved content engagement due to the superior reading experience on the TGaS Insights Portal compared to standard PDF delivery.
  2. More members accessing the Insights Portal due to the improved accessibility of the VHows.
  3. Easier for members to discover the full breadth of TGaS content, which boosts client engagement.


  • Content Management
  • Subscription Renewals
  • User Journey

Closing the deal: The life science market analysis firm harnessing Publish Interactive to grow sales


Science and Medicine Group’s sales team rely on Publish Interactive’s customer intelligence features to understand subscriber behaviour and content engagement


Science and Medicine Group, Inc. is a leading research and advisory firm serving the life science and diagnostic industries. It owns a proprietary, international community of more than 55,000 scientists and biomedical researchers to provide insights that grow businesses and move markets.

Revenue-generating insight

Science and Medicine Group uses the Publish Interactive platform to publish and deliver between 50 and 100 market reports a year which account for around 30% of the firm’s revenue. The market analysis firm benefits from a software system that not only enables it to attract new customers but also for the commercial team to have solid insight into customers and their use of high-value content.

Devin Holland, Science and Medicine Group’s Director of Business Development, finds that the Publish Interactive system successfully helps drive customer growth and create cross-selling opportunities. The platform enables the sales team to glean invaluable client insight through user analytics, allowing them to quickly transform their customer engagements into further revenue. “The strong usage reporting abilities of Publish Interactive are probably one of the most useful elements harnessed by the sales team to both cross and up-sell customers to additional products in our research portfolio,” he said. “The site enables us to monitor and identify the number of overall reports accessed, to see which content areas are of most interest and who is requesting access to them. The more insight we have, the easier the conversation is with our client,” added Devin.

“Understanding customer research trends using Publish Interactive’s enhanced analytics capabilities means we can continually fine tune our offering to build trust and reliability, to further reinforce our position as one of the leading research resources in the life science industry.”

Simon Hodson
Devin Holland
Director of Business Development
Science and Medicine Group, Inc.

High returns & reaping value

The usage stats reporting is also something the sales team leans on heavily for leveraging the value a customer has gained from using the platform. This is particularly effective when approaching clients regarding subscription upgrades or renewals. Even during the 2020 pandemic, Science and Medicine Group had over a 90% subscriber retention rate.

Devin explains: “Having the usage stats to show clients the value they receive from Science and Medicine Group’s content – which is usually between four and five-fold their spend – as a resource for their work is incredibly valuable and often makes a potentially tricky sales conversation pretty easy. We are able to make data-driven arguments that buying our content is a necessary part of our clients’ (now more limited) budgets and means that, if required, we can use this data to justify the price they pay for access. For example, we are seeing the same scenario across many clients where a department has purchased Science and Medicine Group’s content but it is actually being used by their whole organisation. Usage data is vital in justifying an acceptable fee increase for company-wide licenses.”

Devin added: “We find that using the platform for our own internal use not only generates revenue but also gives us a significant competitor advantage. Customer intelligence really is pivotal for the purpose of driving our future growth. Understanding customer research trends using Publish Interactive’s enhanced analytics capabilities means we can continually fine-tune our offering to build trust and reliability, to further reinforce our position as one of the leading research resources in the industries we serve”.

Success benefits

  1. Successfully help drive customer growth and create cross-selling opportunities
  2. Enable the sales team to glean invaluable client insight through user analytics
  3. Quickly transform customer engagements into further revenue
  4. Use analytics data to justify the price paid for access
  5. Using the platform for internal benefits also gives a significant competitor advantage


  • Content Licensing
  • Sales
  • Upsell

Driving efficiency to deliver timely market forecasting in the automotive aftermarket sector

Astutus Research reaps the benefits of Publish Interactive’s system which allows data interrogation and the collation of tailored content in one place to create its market reports


Leading tyre market data analyst Astutus Research has over 25 years of experience in researching and analysing the tyre industry and automotive aftermarket globally. Covering the entire supply chain, it provides companies with sector insight and areas of growth potential encompassing detailed competitive intelligence, market sizing, pricing and channel analysis.

Streamlining content collation

For the past three years, Astutus Research has harnessed Publish Interactive’s smart content management and publishing system for its own internal purposes, and to combine it with its own in-depth understanding of the market to synthesise information into accurate data. This helps inform clients on the latest industry and competitor developments in the tyre sector, which is used for comparison and benchmarking.

“The beauty of the system is the ability for us to easily access and pull out pertinent data into one report – the effortless streamlining of high-value content collation in one place”

Simon Hodson
Simon Hodson
Astutus Research

“The bespoke aspect means that we can easily extract graphics and analysis to quickly create our own presentation or tailored report, including language translation tools. It also enables the team to easily search for information as the system draws together hundreds of thousands of data points from disparate databases in record time, while offering the capability to really interrogate the data.”

This is mostly down to DataViewer, part of Publish Interactive’s offering that makes production more efficient and gives secure in-platform access to users to collate and update data at any point, allowing them to save their own views in order to easily regularly check key data points. The viewer includes simple exploratory data analysis features that can help understand numbers as they are manipulated. When raw data is initially transferred and analysed, it can then be interrogated which involves combining data residing in different sources to create customised data models and other exhibits, which can then be embedded in reports, with the inclusion of expert narrative if required.

Delivering game-changing benefits

Serving as a repository for data and analysis, the shared system allows live documents and reports to be created and regularly updated by the firm’s analysts before being published to the site for external consumption. The key benefits of having such easy access to a broad range of custom content has afforded Astutus more flexibility and improved efficiency to completely transform its work processes, something the company acknowledges as being a game changer.

Simon added: “It wasn’t too long ago that we were writing and printing out reports, before photocopying and despatching to clients, and this was in the days prior to the PDF format we since used, which by today’s standards is now considered cumbersome. Publish Interactive’s system gives us the means to the simple creation and distribution of our reports to clients in a timely manner, completely stripping the complexity out of the process.”

Success benefits

  1. The ability to combine in-depth understanding with accurate data
  2. Easily extract graphics and analysis to quickly create a presentation or tailored report
  3. A shared system allows live documents and reports to be created and regularly updated by analysts before being published


  • Analyst Workflow
  • Delivering Data
  • Search

Delivering market intelligence content in an interactive format which is more user-friendly

CCS Insight uses Publish Interactive to deliver a wealth of research content in an interactive format and track subscribers’ interactions.

CCS Insight is a market information, analysis and intelligence firm serving the technology sector. It provides syndicated and custom research to large businesses across the globe. After relying on a custom-made system to distribute its content for several years, CCS Insight’s requirements outgrew the ability of this increasingly dated platform.

Beyond downloadable PDFs

For more than a decade, CCS Insight had been distributing its report content as downloadable PDFs from its subscription website, without being able to fully understand how content was used or its popularity.

CCS Insight has a wealth of research content, and was looking for improvements in its delivery platform to fully realise the value of this material. It needed state-of-the-art search and access tools to enliven the experience and improve workflow quality.

With an increasing number of customers accessing content on mobile devices, CCS Insight also needed device optimization to ensure scrolling around a PDF to read a document became a thing of the past.

“Our method of distributing content was neither interactive nor user-friendly. It was no longer fit for purpose. The look and feel needed updating, the functionality and search were basic, and the back-end was neither easy nor quick to use,” says Robert Caunt, Director of Publishing, CCS Insight.

“The site didn’t say ‘this is a technology company’. As a business in this space, we’re judged in those terms. We needed an upgrade.”

“What appealed to us about Publish Interactive was how the technology met many of our needs. As a specialist content distribution platform for research companies, it was designed for companies like us”

Simon Hodson
Robert Caunt,
Director of Publishing,
CCS Insight

Platform that can grow

With Publish Interactive now powering its new content management and delivery platform, CCS Insight has improved its user experience, enhanced interaction with the hundreds of pieces of content it produces annually and made it easier to distribute material.

“The platform is quicker and better. Search is clear, intuitive and accurate. It can translate content, allow users to copy to a clipboard and create their own reports. It’s also a great tool for providing users with control and enabling them to make better use of our research.

“It helps us create new content easily by converting Word documents into interactive content in a quick and intelligent way, while still supporting our PDF back catalogue. What’s more, the platform has the potential to grow with us.”

A re-energised approach

Upgrading to Publish Interactive enables CCS Insight to offer its users a range of workflow tools. In addition, customers can also make use of an intuitive interface that makes it quicker and easier to perform tasks and access content.

“We had a long internal debate about whether to drive people to the website to access content or whether to simply e-mail a PDF. Having the Publish Interactive site has settled that debate,” adds Robert.

“With content on the site, we can find out how, why and what content people are using — and what they’re not using. We can track failed searches and find out what people want, that we don’t yet provide.”

Publish Interactive has helped CCS Insight to speed up its publishing and editing process and made it possible for the technology research business to plan for expanded functionality to embrace video and audio storytelling and new interactive ways to display data.

“Publish Interactive has re-energised our approach to research,” adds Robert. “We’ve been able to take another look at what we do — and make it even better for our subscribers.”


  • Analyst Workflow
  • Market Reports
  • PDF

How an investor relations magazine boosted engagement and simplified renewals

With Publish Interactive, IR Magazine is now able to make its back catalogue available to subscribers, track content use and publish new benchmarking and insight content as interactive reports.

IR Media Group is a specialist information business serving investor relations professionals. It provides news, events and research for stock listed businesses globally through its IR Magazine brand.

Insight from IR Magazine is vital for its subscribers, yet prior to its adoption of Publish Interactive’s smart content management and publishing system, it had limited ways of actively engaging with users nor the ability to analyse how its research content was used.

New reports were created then distributed as PDFs, but this meant there were limited opportunities to analyse usage and customer engagement.

IR Magazine recognised the opportunity to add real value to its offering by helping clients make better use of its research and applying content tracking to understand usage and feed that back into creation, sales and marketing.

Understanding usage

With Publish Interactive, IR Magazine is now able to make its back catalogue available to subscribers, track content use and publish new benchmarking and insight content as interactive reports.

“We had been looking at ways to improve the service we offer subscribers. Our old system didn’t provide analytics, now we can see who is accessing our research reports,” says Stuart O’Hara, Head of Content Marketing, IR Magazine.

“We’ll publish around 15 new reports this year. With Publish Interactive, we can track, analyse usage, feedback to the editorial team and target products to the right people.

“If someone isn’t maximising their annual subscription, they’re not left in the cold for a year. We can help them use us more intuitively and, in doing so, make the renewal process easier.

“We can also upsell more easily now and the fact that we now have a great user experience provides the sales team with a USP to win new customers.”

Enhancing user experiences

Critical in IR Magazine’s bid to improve its offering was a need to boost engagement and enhance the user experience. Publish Interactive helped by providing intuitive workflow tools, high quality search and interactivity that allows users clip content, export to multiple formats and create bespoke reports.

“With Publish Interactive, we’re far more engaging. Content is in a single destination, search and navigation are simple and we have added features like ‘Ask the Editor’, where users can fire questions at us. That functionality wasn’t possible when our output was just in PDF, ” adds Stuart.


Deepening engagement

Since establishing its new content portal, IR Magazine has developed plans to extend use of the platform to attract new business.

“The response from customers has been positive. They find the Publish Interactive-powered elements of our website easy to use and engaging, the next step is to deepen engagement further,” says Stuart.

That process will involve the introduction of user guides and deepening internal understanding of analytics to ensure content is created that meets users’ needs and to more closely track subscriber behaviour and respond accordingly.

“We want to use this new portal to help us gain as many new customers as possible and encourage our existing subscribers to make full use of the content available for them to access,” Stuart adds.


  • Analytics
  • Content Management
  • Subscription Renewals

How Futuresource Consulting offers content licences tailored to a client’s specific needs

After using an adapted off-the-shelf content platform for almost a decade, Futuresource’s requirements had outgrown its capability and the technology was no longer fit for purpose.

Futuresource Consulting is a specialist research and consulting firm serving the consumer and business technology industries. It provides research, industry tracking and benchmarking through quarterly, bi-yearly and annual reports.

Content packages

With its existing system, Futuresource Consulting was unable to offer licenses tailored to client’s specific requirements. It lacked the ability to control access in the way it needed and it was only able to provide broad licenses to large swathes of its portfolio.

Futuresource Consulting wanted to create unique content packages that more accurately matched the individual requirements of its customers. It needed a new content system to enhance the flexibility of its operations. It also needed to enhance access to the 900 reports in its back catalogue and as many as 400 reports it publishes each year for its 3,500 users.

“Our system was nearly ten years old. The look and feel wasn’t great, there was no visibility over content and user management and, critically, it was difficult to change licenses,” said James Edwards, Marketing Executive with Futuresource Consulting.

Smarter licensing

With Publish Interactive now powering its new content management and delivery platform, Futuresource Consulting is able to create tailored licensing agreements. It’s also able to enhance its user experience with Publish Interactive’s advanced search options enabling users to find information from their licensed content more quickly and easily.

“We’re unique in the way we deliver products. We don’t sell the same package twice, so the fit with Publish Interactive was perfect,” added James.

“It’s a huge benefit now that users can search easily for content based on title and keywords, and the flexible its offers, in terms of providing the ability to create different unique access rights, is game-changing.”

Now, instead of providing access to too much content in each subscription, Futuresource Consulting is able to offer clients specific licenses. This flexibility means Futuresource Consulting can offer everything from just a single report chapter all the way up to a whole year’s worth of its content.

Extra gains

By making use of Publish Interactive’s cutting-edge content management and publication system, Futuresource Consulting has also been able to establish much-needed productivity gains.

Not only does visibility over user behaviour now enhance feedback on potential sales leads, the company also benefits from much quicker content uploads and speedier licencing and account testing for new users.

Future functionality

“In the near future, we’re looking at using marketing functionality to help us promote reports more creatively, we’ll also look at implementing interactive reports and the data downloads functions within the platform,” added James.

With up to 40% of its business coming from firms based in Asia, Futuresource Consulting also sees the Publish Interactive’s translation function as a key future selling point.

“Translation will be important to us and we hope to look at adding that in the next 12 months,” James added.


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Life science advisory firm launches new brand to publish in rich formats for multiple brands


With Publish Interactive powering its new delivery platform, Science and Medicine Group is able to serve multiple audiences through a single site.


Science and Medicine Group is a leading research and advisory firm serving the life science, analytical instrument, diagnostic, healthcare, radiology, and dental industries. It provides research and business information through text-based sector reports and visually-rich slide decks.

After a string of acquisitions – and as part of a rebrand – Science and Medicine Group needed to create a single repository to aid the creation, distribution, and cross-sell of its research content.

Clients across its distinct brands have varied requirements around the type of content they receive. As such, Science and Medicine Group needed an online tool that could serve content in multiple formats, but with a consistent user experience.

The business also needed a solution that would allow it to offer a subscription service to its market report portfolio to simplify the purchase process for its clients.

“Having a start-of-the-art publishing distribution system in place will allow our clients to secure access to our business intelligence for their entire team or company. This will greatly streamline the effort required to identify and purchase market reports covering all of the topics of interest to their organization,” said Justin Dudash, Head of Marketing, Science and Medicine Group.

A single destination

With Publish Interactive powering its new delivery platform, Science and Medicine Group is able to serve multiple audiences through a single site.

“We now operate eight distinct brands, with five of them publishing brands. Bioinformatics, Instrument Business Outlook, IMV Research, Kalorama Information, and Strategic Directions International.each have strong brand recognition and reputation in their respective industries” added Dudash.

To maintain the independence of each brand, individual reports are categorized according to their specific publisher. In addition, Science and Medicine Group created a landing page for each brand within the platform, promoting the catalogue of market reports available and to encourage cross-selling opportunities for its clients.

The landing pages act as a key destination for highlighting content to users, while industry-specific categories enable Science and Medicine Group to make it easier for users to find and access content relevant to their interests.

Multiple formats

Different user expectations across its multiple brands means Science and Medicine Group is required to publish content in varied formats to suit these audiences.

“Our Kalorama Information brand creates and publishes content in Word, whereas our other brands create and publish documents of up to 1,000 pages in PowerPoint to allow their audiences to easily absorb charts and table-rich content. Publish Interactive’s technology elegantly handles both publishing methods which enables us to offer content in the formats our distinct audiences prefer. It also provides an excellent user experience where content is easily searchable, accessible, and reusable across all formats and content types.”


The adoption of a single destination also allows Science and Medicine Group to highlight the depth and breadth of all its brands to customers for the first time.

While searching for content, users will be shown all related material – both in and outside of their licensed access. This will allow users to consider content beyond their current subscription and make ad-hoc purchases of additional material when needed to support their strategic planning.

In addition to selling brand-specific subscriptions, Science and Medicine Group can now also offer industry-specific subscriptions that span multiple publishers.

“Implementing Publish Interactive is helping us to democratize information within our client companies, such that the thousands of users on our platform have direct access to the business intelligence they need, when they need it.”


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