What we’re reading:

What we’re reading: why research is complex, Word templates frustrate, and how Google extracts data from images

Over the course of a busy week, we still like to squeeze in a little time to catch up with what’s happening across the wider market intelligence and research arenas – and as we like to share stuff we thought you might want to read those things too.

Some of the things we have been reading this week are likely to be as interesting to you as they were to us – so here is a taster of the things we have been looking at over the last few days:

The increasing complexity of research is the topic at hand for Rebecca Brooks, writing on Research Live.

Rebecca contends that traditional models of research (for retail, it seems) have been blown out of the water by shoppers who have become accustomed to rapid technical innovations that have encouraged them to ‘re-evaluate their brand preferences every time they enter a category’, which makes them trickier to quantify.

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Over on the Outsell blog, co-founder and CEO Anthea Stratigos lets rip about her anguish over Word templates that do not travel well – and how her teams suffer formatting fatigue.

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And to finish: a little something from the Google Research Blog on a project looking at using ‘automatic extraction’ to harvest information – such a road names from road signs – from geo-located images.

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Happy reading!

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