How usage data helps turnaround disengaged customers

Market Intelligence providers can analyze usage data proactively to justify a renewal or to formulate a new strategic content plan.

However, that’s not the only way it can be used; data of this type can help turn around disengaged customers.


If several months into a new contract, the data shows the provider that several users are engaging infrequently, using little content, or not logging in at all – they can be proactive about it.

This is where a salesperson or account manager can really earn their corn:

  1. Contact these individuals
  2. Find out what is limiting their involvement
  3. Review their content, or offer training to help
  4. Arrange a call to deal with their problem

By monitoring users who are not responding to content and then getting in touch to see what’s wrong, smart MI providers can create new fans of their service and make life that little bit easier for themselves for when the time comes to discuss the renewal of the service agreement.

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