How to update your Market Intelligence in under five minutes (and why that’s important…)

As publishers tend to only update major topics annually, that means customers are often relying on information that ageing quickly.

Our analysis suggests a customer is typically using content that’s six months old; we also know older the content is less frequently accessed and, consequently, its value to the publisher reduces.

We estimate that six months after publication, a piece of content has lost 20% of its value and, typically, that drops to around 50% after 18 months (but in fast-moving sectors, the drop is faster still).

If keeping Market Intelligence relevant is so important to the bottom line, publishers need to be empowered to publish more frequently. How do you publish new information, to stay relevant, without hiring millions of analysts to pump out tonnes of reports?

The answer is to find a practical and quick way to update content with new information as it becomes available. However, if you’re publishing huge PDFs, editing and redistribution would be expensive and time consuming. What would you do about that?

For a Market Intelligence business that uses a smart publishing platform to store content and provide customers with instant access to new information, updates couldn’t be simpler or quicker.

Let’s assume you use our powerful Publish Interactive platform and have five minutes spare:

  1. In the Admin area, locate the report that needs updating with your brand-new information
  2. Click ‘Edit Report’ and find the relevant section of text, picture, graphic, or dataset
  3. Cut out the dated content and paste in the new, press ‘Save’ to launch the updated report
  4. Customers who subscribe to report updates will be alerted
  5. Email the marketing team to say the report is updated
  6. Sit back, have a cup of tea, perhaps a biscuit, and consider how next to add value to your research business

If you want to know more about how to keep your content up to date, we can help.

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