How to compare two sets of Market Intelligence quickly and easily

If an analyst needs to compare two sets of analysis, two tables full of data, two different graphs or charts, how do they go about doing that?

We know people who still order two huge PDF reports and print them out in their entirety. Then page by page they go through them at their desk, highlighting the various sections, charts, or tables that they wish to compare.

Is that really the easiest way to compare two documents?

Perhaps more people might buy a huge monitor that allows them to view two PDFs next to each other; then scroll through endlessly until they find the bits they need; key them up, then repeat on the second document. They then print out the relevant bits and manually re-type them into the report they’re writing.

Alternatively, they could try to access all the information they need online. Flicking back and forth between scores of browser tabs as they cut and paste into a spreadsheet or word-processing document. Eventually, when they have all the necessary information, they can format it all and begin their comparison.

Does that sound like an efficient use of time?

There is, fortunately, an alternative way: they access the information they need for their comparison from within the content delivery platform of their publisher. They highlight the relevant sections and click the ‘compare’ button to bring each, side-by-side into an easily readable format.

The comparison will be available in seconds – and they could even press another button to export it all into a report, share the comparison with a colleague, or simply save it for later in their clippings.

In fact, one of our clients recently told us how much they love using this feature to compare new data with that from previous years.

Of course, to make it this quick and easy, the publisher whose research is being relied upon needs to have the right kind of content delivery platform in the first place.

Perhaps we can help with that?

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