How we created a brilliant new office space

To enable the business to continue its growth and development, Publish Interactive has moved to a new office location. We packed up all our stuff, took the short walk south through the city centre of Leeds, and cut a ribbon to mark the opening of our new headquarters at Marshall’s Mill.

Tech to facilitate better working

We decided to move to give us the space, environment, and infrastructure needed to continue our journey as a business and to make it easier for people to work for us – and with us.

Our new location has a new high-tech phone system, state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities, multiple dedicated meeting rooms and an enviable one gigabyte download speed.

“We’re ahead of the curve with a decentralised phone system allowing us to work remotely without being tied to geographic phone lines or devices. Our new accessible meeting spaces are equipped for any eventuality – with wireless screen casting and meeting management software. And our internet speed is so quick, our neighbours are jealous.”

said Tom Gibbs, Publish Interactive’s Director of Operations.

Delivering value every day

The new office features a dedicated space for online demonstrations, rooms equipped for informal online and offline meetings and conference room. In fact, our new home has been specifically modelled to help us work in a smarter, yet more relaxed way.

Our dedicated scrum board area has been installed to enable our developers, planners, and testers to work in an even more agile and responsive way.

“In our new dedicated planning space, we can visualise our work items and know in an instant who is working on a particular task and the status of the overall project. This helps us with prioritising the tasks that need finishing, so we can continue to deliver value to our customers every day.”

said Mark Chadwick, Publish Interactive’s Product Owner.

Environment is everything

When you spend a lot of time in the office, it’s nice to be surrounded by things that help foster and encourage a creative environment. That means music, lots of plant life, and a room for Flash – the office dog. We’ve started to think that Flash might just have the best seat in the house…

Come and visit us:

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