Launching a marketing site and content portal simultaneously can be a nightmare – what can you do about it?

Setting up and launching a marketing website can be a significant headache and drain on a research organisation’s resources but, if you’re trying to set up and launch a content portal at the same time, those difficulties are multiplied.

Here are just a few considerations you need to bear in mind if you’re thinking of undertaking two simultaneous lots of in-house development:

  • Two internal projects and two sets of deadlines bring lots of pressure
  • The risk of compromise is high as time pressures cause you to focus on one site
  • Equally, risk of compromise is again high as cost pressures cause you to prioritise
  • Of course, once built there’s all the maintenance and ongoing costs as you patch and update

We could go on, but you probably get the idea.

If this is a situation you find yourself in, outsourcing the marketing site will provide a straightforward route to getting it up and running in good time. This, however, would leave you with the development of a content portal where all the UX considerations are on a different level of complexity.

Given this scenario, wouldn’t it be better to outsource the content portal to experts who do nothing else? Then concentrate your time on the more straightforward development of the marketing site?

It’s increasingly common for smart organisations to focus their time, money, expertise and other resources solely on their marketing site and let outside experts (like us) handle the development and/or upgrade of their content portals.

In fact, using our Publish Interactive, we can get your new content portal up and running in no time.

In just a matter of weeks, your customers can benefit from a host of intuitive tools and UX features that would seem cutting edge on a platform built in-house, but come as standard in our continuously upgraded system.

If you want your customers to benefit from a portal that maximises the potential of your research while also freeing you up to focus on making you marketing site as good as it can be, then why not get in touch about a demo?